Dead Wild Roses: So you wanted some Dog Nose with those flowers?

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cartoon life: What dogs do best

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cartoon life: Aargh! What do you want already?

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cartoon life: The 9 drawings

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mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The danger of dressing animals

A monkey dressed as the Easter Bunny, dreaming of murder. Just a warning to those of you who are debating about putting that Godzilla costume on your dog. Don’t do it! Alltop loves dressing up.

LeDaro: Dog chooses political party.

Things Are Good: Dogs and Cats are Great for Your Health

Having a pet cat or dog is beneficial for your health, with dog owners seeing huge decreases of heart problems. A pet can lower blood pressure and cholesterol by their very being. There’s no word yet on if pets are magical If you’re thinking of getting a pet make sure to check your local rescue ...

cartoon life: I think “Woof” is a perfectly good answer.

It’s best to just draw. Make some marks. Scribble some lines. Don’t edit. Don’t criticize, just make marks. Make it ‘better’ later. Filed under: digital, drawings, illustration, painting Tagged: dog, humor

cartoon life: I think “Woof” is a good answer.

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Dead Wild Roses: Busted! – The sleep in.

Ah yes, the dog that is not allowed up on the furniture. I return early to my room and find this – I’m napping here human, what gives? Not much you can do with a super cute dog now is there? Filed under: Housekeeping Tagged: Busted!, Cute, dog, sleep in

Those Emergency Blues: Favourite Poems LVIV: The Curate Thinks You Have No Soul

Was thinking, by-the-by, about some dogs I have loved, and how I get along with (and like, if truth be known) dogs better than most people. So sentimentalism be damned: here’s a dog poem. St John Lucas was an early 20th century anthologist of poetry and friend and mentor to Rupert Brooke. The Curate Thinks ... The right place at the right time

First off, I’m happy to report that Cindy Lou was found and captured on Friday afternoon as she was running down the Queensway! It’s a miracle she wasn’t killed. Two police officers were trying to catch her when someone from Genesis Dog Rescue came along and managed to snag her to safety. She did not ... Cindy Lou Who needs you

There is an amazing drama unfolding in Ottawa. You might have heard of it. Remember a few months ago, when GC and I were looking for a dog and we had that bizarre experience with Friendly Giants Dog Rescue? Well, we didn’t lose faith in the rescue community, in part because we had the good ... Dog vs. Cat

One of my colleagues sent this around yesterday. I’ve watched it about five times since. I laughed so hard the fifth time I almost wet my pants, so I better not watch it anymore. Make sure your speakers are on. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Rosie’s a happy dog

Rosie’s a very happy dog. I can tell because she smiles and her whole back half wriggles when she wags her tail. GC took her to the vet yesterday for her third set of shots, and she has gained another 1.2 kg, which is a total gain of 2.2 kg since we adopted her from ... The pee-free dog and the insatiable cat

Something’s wrong with Rosie, and something’s wrong with Duncan, too. We took Rosie to the vet yesterday because she started making this awful honking coughing noise while we were out walking, and it continued intermittently. Dr. Google said it was kennel cough (bordetella), and the vet agreed. She’s on antibiotics for it now, and the ... Introducing our newest family member!

This is our new dog, Rosie, formerly known as Phoenix. We adopted her from the Humane Society today! This wasn’t actually the plan, as we were still in the running for Dexter the Boxer, who is a wonderful dog. His lovely foster mom, Jennifer, even brought him over for a visit on Christmas Eve. Loyal ... Let’s try this again

Over the past few days, in the midst of all the craziness, we’ve received some warm and friendly emails from several different dog rescues, inviting us to take a look at their dogs. This here is Dexter. Isn’t he wonderful? Not only is he absolutely adorable, but he’s affectionate and goofy, he currently lives with ... Dog rescue rejects Zoom and GC because of blog post

Yesterday’s blog post, Should we adopt this puppy? has had some completely unexpected and bizarre repercussions. Someone forwarded the post to Kim Knapp, founder of Friendly Giants Dog Rescue, and she hated it. I don’t understand what her problem with it is, as she doesn’t seem to be able to articulate it, but she really ... Should we adopt this puppy?

We’re actively looking for a dog now. Last weekend we went to the Humane Society and scoped out their pups, as well as to a foster home with Friendly Giants Dog Rescue, to visit a golden doodle puppy (part golden retriever, part poodle). Unbeknownst to us, this just happened to be the foster home where ... With your breasts in mind…

I got a three-page, 42-question questionnaire in the mail the other day from my breast cancer surgeon. It’s about breasts and self-esteem. I tried to answer it, because it’s the least I could do for the surgeon who saved my life, but I got bogged down trying to wrap my head around some of the ...