BigCityLib Strikes Back: Big Or Small, Ezra Smears ‘Em All

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: The State Of Levant

Glen McGregor of the Ottawa Citizen has some new viewer numbers for the Sun News Network.  They are very sad: Who is the Monkey King, you ask? In any case it looks like Brian Lilley is out-pointing Ezra these days. ratings wise.  Gotta be the hair.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Sun News Network: Hard News, Straight Talk, Random Gunfire…

Desperately seeking content for its weekend broadcasts, Fox News North turns to SHAW TV rejects the Beasley brothers, who will travel the nation and kill stuff for no apparent reason.  Which raises the question: if you slaughter a deer on Sun TV and nobody watches, is it really Venison?

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The State Of Sun Media

Former Toronto Sun editorial page editor Rob Granatstein laments: When the latest victims of downsizing are gone, Toronto will be down to three general assignment news reporters, according to people in that newsroom, unless staff is reassigned. That’s flat out ridiculous. The Sun will rely even more on its columnists to generate the news going ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Fox News North Financial Update: Still Losing

…but less.  May Ezra Levant soon face the axe.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sun News Network’s Problem Is Not Being "High On The Dial"

Sun News Network received a $3-million investment from its co-owners in the last quarter, as losses accelerated at the upstart network amid struggles to attract the subscriber base needed to woo large advertisers. […] Sun News launched just over a year ago, and worked to secure distribution deals with broadcasters across the country. But in ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: John Miller On Sun TV’s Freedom Weekend

 The discussion topics for Freedom Weekend-by-the-lake have yet to be decided, but Ezra says “we’ll talk about how to strengthen our freedoms here at home, and project freedom abroad to the world.” Wow, that sounds like a cattle call for any white, barrel sucking immigrant hater who’s too stupid to find out the regular room ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Which One Of These People Is Unreal?

Put it another way, perhaps: which one has been photoshopped in over the figure of a hapless (and now professionally defunct) Theo Caldwell?

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sun TV Interviews Criminals

 …in particular convicted hate-monger Gary Harding.  And it turns out to be really boring.  Next Kory Teneycke will be scouring  the prisons for guests to appear on his increasingly unwatched network.  At least they’ll work for free. Richard Warman takes note.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: CRTC Has Fox News North License Pulled For Cheating

 The CRTC has officially approved TVA Group’s request to revoke the broadcasting licence for CKXT-TV and its related transmitters. The issue first surfaced in May, when some cable providers complained the channel’s parent company, Quebecor, was using the station to air Sun News programming over the “free” airwaves — in addition to its specialty cable service, ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sun News Network May Face Investigation For Trans Bashing Ad

 Queer Ontario’s Casey Oraa says the group plans to respond to the ad and may request an investigation by Advertising Standards Canada. He says the fact that queers did not notice the ad during its first two weeks of airing “shows you how many people watch Sun TV.” “They have no qualms with printing it ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sun TV: It Doesn’t Get Better

They’ve been running that gay/trans-bashing commercial again from McVety and Co.  Classy Bunch.  Although I suppose it would be more of an issue if anyone was watching the stuff.