LeDaro: The Day of Change

I hope Canadians send Harper harping back to Calgary. Harper has damaged our country’s reputation, muzzled scientists, and ran a campaign based on racial intolerance. It is time for him to go. Also, everyone, exercise your democratic right, vote.

Canadian Progressive: RCMP Grounds Aircraft Carrying Anti-Harper Labour Protest Message

If your progressive message is truthful but critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it automatically qualifies for a “threat” and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) won’t allow it to fly over Ottawa. Let me put it another way: Ottawa is no place for legitimate political dissent. That’s the message our-scandal-ridden national police force conveyed on Saturday ...

Accidental Deliberations: On open channels

Fern Hill is frustrated at how political reporters have tried to make a non-story out of the #denounceharper hashtag which trended globally yesterday as Twitter users took the opportunity to discuss what Canadians actually want for Canada Day. And I can certainly understand the concern at normally well-connected reporters choosing to dismiss widespread public activism, ...

LeDaro: Canada Day and #DenounceHarper

“#DenounceHarper is trending on Twitter in Canada, just behind #HappyCanadaDay. Users are using the hashtag to voice dissatisfaction with the Harper government, or just the man himself.” Read more about #DenounceHarper

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: On Canada’s Independence Day, #DenounceHarper & #HappyCanadaDay

This is Canadian political dissent like never seen before. For two reasons. First and especially, the dissent is taking place on Canada’s Independence Day. Second, it’s directed against a prime minister supposedly elected with a majority just over a year ago, on May 2. Once again, Canadians are using the social media, especially Twitter, to ...