BigCityLib Strikes Back: Will Brian Lilley Issue Grovelling Apology For November 18th Video Segment?

The video segment itself is  here.  Its print counterpart here. The grovelling apology (print edition) is below: Will there be a video version of this apology to follow?  Official steps have been taken by Mr. Raynolds to extract one, and they seem to have paid off: Pls’d we r expecting a full Sun News retraction of ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Portents?

Look for announcements about Sun Media cutting frequency of papers in southwestern Ontario this week and next week.And:…heard a rumour of press room layoffs in London, anyone hear more?And at Sun News Network HQ some guy apparently came around this week to look at the HVAC system.  When a guy comes around to look at ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sun TV Ratings: The Shorter Story

 The only way anyone will watch is if they put a Liberal on.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Coming Soon To Sun TV

…this: Menzoid Mornings.  And soon to be leaving the air shortly thereafter, I imagine. If you’ve never heard of him, and I’m sure you haven’t, David Menzies appears to have made a journalistic niche out of getting stopped by police and then writing about it.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Fox News North Gets Sued!

Sources tell me that Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman has launched a defamation suit against Sun TV. His suit pertains to an episode of Michael Coren’s The Arena on which fellow Sun TV employee Ezra Levant guested. I have also learned that Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury has been served as well; I believe this is for hosting the ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: More Sackings At Sun TV?

Their full schedule page shows this: First Look was  Neelam Verma; Newswire was Jacqui Delaney.  Couple that with this tweet from Lorne Gunter (National Post): …and I think we have some staff rotation.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Robocon Update: How The CPoC Stiffed Sona

It was already common knowledge that the notion of Mike Sona’s involvement in the Robocon affair was pushed by Conservative Party sources.  This bit from Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher’s latest makes clear the exact path by which the rumour was transmitted: Sona, who was director of communications for the Burke campaign, made headlines during the campaign ...