Cowichan Conversations: Here is Dan Murphy’s ‘Enbridge Video’ that the Province yanked

Many of you will remember Dan Murphy’s brilliant video satires that ran in the Vancouver Province. Well that is until Enbridge, who buy a zillion dollars worth of misinformation advertising,  demanded that the pretend newspaper yank this video and they did. Vancouver Province editors recognize that balance is a good thing, even desirable, but not ...

Cowichan Conversations: Province Cartoonist Dan Murphy Creates Video To Help Christy Clark Win!

BC Premier Christy Clark-’Lovely Plumage’   Dan Murphy has been harpooning politician for many years and this video showing Christy Clark how she can win the next election is no exception! As always a delight, enjoy.  

Cowichan Conversations: Dan Murphy is at it again. Enbridge You Have Bitumened Off More Than You Can Chew!

Richard Hughes Political Blogger   Vancouver Province Cartoonist Dan Murphy has nailed it again. Here is another End to Enbridge Video cartoon Enjoy and send around the world. Thank you once again Dan Murphy

Left Over: Enbridge Pipeline Spoof is “Revised”

Dan Murphy is a cartoonist for the Province newspaper,and  here in BC,  it is common practice to castigate the corporate agenda of rightwing whackjobs, sometimes in the media,  whatever the East may think of the West’s support of the CRAPs.. Now that ability to laugh at, and thus negate the power of, Enbridge and other ...