RedBedHead: Norm Kelly v Rob Ford: The Right Wing Mayor Is Dead. Long Live The Right Wing Mayor!

Happier days for the populist right

Well, it was indeed a circus at city hall yesterday. I wasn’t able to attend the performance live but did have the pleasure of watching some of it unfold via the miracle of the interwebs. Those Ford brothers sure know how to do a great imitation of The Sopranos – belligerent, bullying, pulling faces like a couple of 12-year old school yard pricks. Better

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Left Over: Strength in Numbers, or Just Numb?

Unifor: CAW, CEP Merger Creates Largest Private-Sector Union In Canada Posted: 05/30/2013 11:59 am EDT  |  Updated: 05/30/2013 5:12 pm EDT Considering that CUPE, the largest public sector union, seems to be powerless when it really matters, I’m not sure what difference this is going to make to the private sector…the same things apply

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Politics and Entertainment: organized labour is the only potential political force with enough critical mass & enough organizational capability to get things moving.

Here’s my take on the May Day CUPE Sponsored Workshops in Ottawa  on Saturday, the 27th of April: It was an interesting affair for its lamentations and the myriad problems it laid forth with little emerging by way of tactics, however, and certainly no overall strategy. Unions can’t even wrestle concentrated concern from

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