CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: PETITION: Obert Madondo’s Canada crime Bill C10 hunger strike

Friends of Obert are pleased to announce the petition for Obert Madondo’s ongoing crime Bill C10 hunger strike. Hosted on, the petition is titled: PM Harper, Parliament of Canada: Fulfill Obert’s Bill C10 hunger strike demands NOW! Your support … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Canada Crime Bill C10 hunger striker concerned about Parliament’s silent treatment

PRESS RELEASE OTTAWA, April 13, 2012 – Today is Day 31 of my  indefinite hunger strike against Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new draconian crime law, deceptively christened “Safe Streets and Communities Act”, formerly crime Bill C10. I’m an Occupy Ottawa … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Coming to Canada: Prison industrial complex, punishment and profits

Last summer Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives demonstrated their tough stance on foreigners suspected of war crimes abroad. The suspects were rounded up, detained and deported. The sweep was the beginning of a crackdown on immigrants that also … Continue reading →