CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: WikiLeaks Begins Publishing The “Syria Files”

At a press conference held today, 5 July 2012, at the Frontline Club in London, WikiLeaks spokesperson Sarah Harrison announced that over the coming months, WikiLeaks will release a database of over two million emails from Syrian political figures, ministries and associated companies, dating from August 2006 to March 2012. This extraordinary data set derives ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: What Republican Texas Said About Harper’s Crime Bill C-10

In this video, the CBC News reported from Texas where even tough-on-crime Republicans told Canada not to follow America’s failed path of mandatory sentences and massive prison expansion, which cost them billions and drove crime rates up. The report warned about the consequences of this un-Canadian and vindictive criminal justice approach: billions of taxpayers’ dollars; ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Harper’s Crime Bill C-10: Breaking Down The Cost

The Harper government’s flagship tough on crime omnibus legislation will cost Canadian taxpayers at least $15-billion to implement. Bill C-10 is a suite of crime legislation that will radically stir the Canadian justice system away from the preventive and restorative measures which have proven to be more humane, effective and cheaper for Canada, towards billion-dollar ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Julian Assange Rejects Police Order To Surrender (VIDEO)

On Friday, the London Metropolitan Police Service served the WikiLeaks founder with an order to leave the Ecuadorean embassy and surrender to a central London police station. In the video below, a supporter of Assange reads his defiant statement. Assange “is wanted for questioning by the Swedish authorities, but fears he would be extradited from ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: The Obert Report: Harper and Obama Argue About The War of 1812 (VIDEO)

Co-hosts Obert and Anita dramatize a recent secret conversation between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama. Harper and his Conservative majority government are militarizing Canadian society. They’re re-writing the country’s history to fit their fledgling right-wing worldview. Canada‘s Independence Day is around the corner and Harper has placed the War of ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Harper Conservatives’ Attack Ad Betrays Fear of Mulcair Victory in 2015 (VIDEO)

Stephen Harper’s Tories are proof that when a dictatorial regime is threatened by the force a democratic insurgency, and the specter of losing power, it becomes dangerous. Threatened by the prospect of NDP leader Thomas Mulcair becoming Prime Minister in 2015, the Conservative Party of Canada released a new dirty-politics ad attacking Mulcair’s “risky economic ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur On Obama’s “Kill List” (VIDEO)

Aly Ssa Canadian Progressive World mentioned. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down President Obama‘s “Kill List” of terrorists targeted for assassination through drone attacks. Obama approves every name on the Kill List. He reviews the bios and the evidence against them. And then he authorizes “lethal action without hand-wringing.” Without due process. ...


Generation Waking Up is a global campaign to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world. This video is part of the Generation Waking Up Experience – called a ‘WakeUp’ for short – a multimedia educational workshop that inspires young people to transform their lives and communities. Learn more ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: To start a real revolution, learn from Iceland first

The people of Iceland forced their corrupt government to resign. They created a public assembly to rewrite the constitution. The banks were nationalized. The people decided not to pay the debt that private banks created. It was a revolution, a … Continue reading →

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Two of Mass Palestinian Prisoner’s Hunger Strikers “On Verge of Death” (VIDEO)

Over 1600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are holding a mass hunger strike. Two of them have now gone 70 days without food. This video can be found at YouTube RELATED:Canada Crime Bill C10 hunger striker takes protest to Parliament … Continue reading →

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Occupied Ottawa Returns: May 12 2012

Canadian Human Rights Monument, Ottawa

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Three second rule for the wandering eye

The lyrics in this video are bad, really bad. The stats on YouTube since April 5: 14 468 views, 1 430 dislikes and 465 likes. But the “Three Second Rule” message… I second it. If only there was a way … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: 30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God

In this 25-minute video, Jonathan Pararajasingham, a London-based neurosurgeon, presents 30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God. The writers offer both a literary homage to rationalism and humanism, and a not-so-generous critique of orthodox religious belief. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: VIDEO: Kerry-Ann Taylor makes a compelling case for Peggy Nash

Today, the NDP federal leadership hopefuls battle each other again during the party’s second official all candidates debate in Halifax. In this 30-sec YouTube video pitch, Kerry-Ann Taylor endorses Peggy Nash because “she’s a fighter …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Naomi Klein Debunks “Ethical Oil” Fiction

As she delivers this brilliant rebuttal of the corporate-funded Ethical Oil fiction, Naomi Klein brands herself “an expert in corporate crap”. We don’t have ethical oil in Canada. We’ve tar sands oil, which is like …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Wall Street: The Movie

Soon, we’ll get better understanding of the passion underlining the Occupy Wall Street movement. Via the big screen. But not from Michael Moore or some other leftty big-shot Hollywood film-maker. From film-savvy activists on the …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Protest Day 30 Video

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Protest Day 29 Video