Cowichan Conversations: Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Is The Cream of the Commons Crop!

Elizabeth May Green Party MP-Saanich, BC

The determined and focused Elizabeth May has set a number of firsts, politically speaking.

Her election as MP for Saanich on Vancouver Island marked a first for the Green Party who had been running candidates for years without even garnering strong also ran status.

In spite of her impressive victory she was written off before she started due to the fact that the fledgling party had no real status. Few gave her much chance of gaining any status or recognition as a solitary flag carrier.

Whoa! Not only were they wrong.Ms. May is Parliamentarian of the year. Here is the report from Macleans magazine.


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Cowichan Conversations: Cowichan News Leader Editorial Critical of CVRD’s Alternate Approval Process



Our take: Can’t democracy move with the times?

A dedicated group of people mistrusts the Cowichan Valley Regional District so much it appears willing to knock on doors in the pouring November rain and risk higher taxes to take it down.

And if it turns out the community agrees with them, then hey, that’s what democracy is all about.

But we are not writing today to take sides on the CVRD’s push to make garbage collection a public utility throughout the valley.

We are writing about the frustration being expressed by these citizens about the effort they will have to put in to making their wishes public policy.

The rest of the editorial can be found here.


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Cowichan Conversations: Horgan Hassles Harried Premier Over Scandulous Spending!

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger


BC NDP House Leader John ‘the Enforcer’ Horgan has come off the bench and whistled down the Premier for her party planning frivolous fiscal behaviour. She was and is clearly offside and out of touch. I missed this release somehow, but it really is special and must to be shared.

In truth it was right there on the NDP Website where you can view it now. 

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Cowichan Conversations: Threat of Hiring 201 Chinese Workers Reveals Deep Problems

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger


The problems of so called labour shortages reflects both Federal and Provincial Government’s failed policies caused by cutting training programs at home. Labour unions understandably are ringing the bell.

The Canadian Press reports:

Controversial plans to hire 201 Chinese workers at a proposed mine in northern  British Columbia have prompted Ottawa to announce a review of its entire foreign  worker program, with the government suggesting the case has revealed deeper  problems with a system designed to fill short-term labour shortages.

For the the rest of the article click here.

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