The Canadian Progressive: Canadians expect Trudeau to stand up to Donald Trump: Poll

A new Nanos poll found that most Canadians expect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to have the spine to defend Canada against Donald Trump’s aggressive America-first strategy. The post Canadians expect Trudeau to stand up to Donald Trump: Poll appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. – Alberta Politics: Five CEOs hold a press conference in a penthouse boardroom

It was a case of political friendly fire. With only days left before Election Day, the anti-NDP fear campaign was in full-gear but this shot might have been the final nail in the coffin for Alberta’s 44-year old Progressive Conservative… Continue Reading → - Alberta Politics: NDP inspired by Lougheed, PCs wage war on Wildrose

Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley released her party’s election platform and fiscal plan over the weekend, with a focus job-creation, a serious review of royalty rates and a reversal of cuts to health care and education included in the Progressive Conservative government’s recent… Continue Reading → - Alberta Politics: Sometimes living in Alberta is like living in Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day

Sometimes living in Alberta is like living in the classic film Groundhog Day, in which actor Bill Murray finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again. In Alberta, relying on the cyclical nature of oil prices while… Continue Reading →

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: The Corporate Tax Regime In Canada Is Corporate Welfare

… and it is being done at the expense of Canadians. Corporate Canada Pays Low Taxes But Contributes In Lots Of Other Ways Consider the following: PricewaterhouseCoopers did its own analysis — a survey of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives’ roughly 150 members. It was voluntary and only 63 replied. But of those who ...

The Canadian Progressive: Canada Loses Billions in Revenue to Tax Havens

By Canadians for Tax Fairness | Feb. 18, 2013: The growing use of tax havens is costing Canadians an estimated $7.8 billion annually, the executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness has told a Parliamentary committee studying the issue. “Tax haven use is at an all-time high in Canada,” C4TF’s Dennis Howlett said in his brief to the ...

Bullshit in absolutes: or how ‘liberal’* economists argue with themselves

We can perhaps amend an old Ethiopian saying to read “absolutes are for infants and kings”.  It is catechism worth remembering when arguing with liberal economists.  For theirs is not a just sport.    In fact, one should never mix sport with justice.  As Berlin said long ago (1958): Everything is what it is: liberty ...

Gordon V Jackson: the corporate tax cut myth

Apparently Stephen Gordon is having a hard time figuring out where Andrew Jackson, the chief economist for the CLC, got the bizarre idea that: The argument for corporate income tax cuts has been that increased after-tax corporate profits would be … Continue reading →

Profit, wage, NDP, and tax revenue growth in Newfoundland and Labrador

Although I covered it off in my rebuttal to the Minister of Finance Thomas Marshall  in the last post I thought maybe a graphic would be a more compelling way to illustrate what has been going on in Newfoundland and … Continue reading →

The irony of greed: The end game for Neoliberalism?

The global economy is in the toilet and the Boomers’ representatives are chanting: “flush, flush, flush.”  Me? I am eating cigarettes and wine while admiring the remarkable consistency in the myopia of all of it. In the name of fiscal … Continue reading →

IIlicit money flows

Not really into re-blogging articles but this essay effectively puts money laundering and corruption into context. It is useful for explaining key processes in the ‘the web of secrecy, collusions and the players that drive and sustain the world of … Continue reading →

NEW MEDIA AND POLITICS CANADA: DAY TWELVE: Campaign Quick Hitters (#2 in a series)

Not discussed in any detail yet on this campaign was the gutting of an important Canadian institution: Statistics Canada. For those with short memories here is a sample of the fear-mongering, that preceded their doing away with the mandatory long form census, that came from the mouth of Industry Minister Tony Clement: “I cannot support the ...

Democratic Progress: Contrasts in Leadership

Doug Saunders tweets that the new UK budget says: “UK will cut corporate tax by 1% a year for 3 years, to 23%… and the bank-profit levy will be raised each year to offset the loss of corporate taxes.” This is really good, and a solid contrast with the Harper shenanigans. If business, as notorious ...

Democratic Progress: Polling Sophistication

This is another good point on polling. From the US, polling on the health care reform (ACA) was really problematic.  When asked “Do you support or oppose the proposed health reforms?” the chart (if you click through the link) would show you how you can get a result that 71% of people oppose it. The ...