Vincent Endorses Graeme Maitland’s Run for AYL President

Vincent St. Pierre, Canada’s #1 Political Blogger and Alberta Young Liberal, has endorsed Graeme Maitland in his run for President of the Alberta Young Liberals. See Vincent’s endorsement below. “My name is Vincent St. Pierre. And I am proud to endorse Graeme Maitland for AYL president. His work as a young liberal in Calgary-Klein, efforts ... The Simple Plan

There comes a point when what goes on has to stop, trends have to be rejected, and a vision set forth. In Alberta I want to put forward the three objectives below. (1) Unite the Divided. Honest engagement, openness to new people, and a drive for cooperation, is key if anyone is ever to be ... By-Election Update: Tories Flipping to Liberals in Calgary-Centre

There’s a split in Calgary in the conservatives. And it’s about principles. Calgary Herald: Provincial rift spreads to federal realm Calgary Herald: “Pat Moore says she doesn’t like the way the Conservative nomination was controlled from Ottawa, on short notice. And she doesn’t think Crockatt Is a good candidate.“ And these progressive-conservatives are supporting Harvey Locke – because ... Calgary-Centre By-Election: Forum Poll has Tory at 48%, Harvey Locke (L) at 28%, Greens and NDP at 8%-11%

Forum Research released a poll of the Calgary-Centre byelection to gauge the support of each candidate in the riding. Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt sits at almost half of the support of the riding, with Harvey Locke some 20 points behind her at 28%. Since the previous poll (in August) the Harvey Locke team has increased ...

CalgaryLiberal: No Debate: FawcettFails To Attend Forum

A question that burned through my mind on Tuesday during the Calgary-Klein forum was “How did this guy ever get elected?” How did this guy get in? Fawcett wasn’t prepared. He fumbled. He didn’t have answers, didn’t have positions, and shared very little. This has to end. This Tory didn’t stand for anything. And he opted ...