BigCityLib Strikes Back: Kingston Pen: Closed Too Soon?

Why? Well, this, this, and maybe even this: BREAKING! Another one of #PMHarper‘s appointed senators in trouble! Senator Brazeau arrested last night in Gatineau. #cpc #tcot #idleNoMore— Rachel Décoste (@RachelDecoste) October 1, 2013 We shall see.  Ah!  Seems so.

Latest Anonymous video: "New Scandal Revealed in 7 Days"

Anonymous threatens once again a big scoop on Toews, this time to be unveiled a week from yesterday. Is Anonymous bluffing? I doubt it.

Scandals, Conservative Party of Canada. 2006-2011

Exiled has the list. There’s probably more, especially the last few months. But it’s a good starting point. Note: Exiled’s list of Conservative scandals is “always under construction”. Go on over and help out.