Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: Occupied Ottawa to celebrate one year anniversary

  Occupied Ottawa (formerly Occupy Ottawa) activists return to Confederation Park on Monday to celebrate the movement’s one year anniversary with art, performance, music, speeches and educational workshops. Occupied Ottawa, a part of the global grassroots Occupy movement against economic disparity and social injustice, “occupied” the park from October 15, 2011, until its eviction on November 23, ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Obert Madondo’s Canada Crime Bill C-10 Hunger Strike – Senator Vernon White Must Resign

Below is my appeal to newly-appointed Conservative senator and former Ottawa Police chief, Vernon White, to resign. I mailed the letter to the senator on March 14, 2012. On the same day, I started an indefinite hunger strike against the … Continue reading →

Occupy Ottawa: “Whither Winterlude?”

It’s Day 11 of the “Winterlude” festival in Ottawa’s Confederation Park, and yet, criticism abounds. For many residents and visitors alike, it’s still unclear what the organizers’ demands are. There is no clear message or …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Defiant Occupy Ottawa returns to Confederation Park

Occupy Ottawa’s tents are gone from Confederation Park. But the movement’s right to use the park to exercise its freedoms of assembly and expression, which are enshrined in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, remains …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa evicted from tents, Attawapiskat First Nations forced into tents

The irony of it all! At around Wednesday morning, more than 150 Ottawa Police officers pounced on eight Occupy Ottawa protesters peacefully resisting eviction from Confederation Park, where they’d camped for five weeks shining …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa issued eviction notice, vow to resist

Occupy Ottawa is under attack! The National Capital Commission (NCC) served the movement with a notice of eviction from Confederation Park earlier today. The peaceful Occupiers are required to vacate the park by mid night. But they’re …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: On Global Day of Action, Occupy Ottawa flexes underrated muscle

By Obert Madondo Even as the threat of eviction from Confederation Park looms larger, the Occupy Ottawa movement is getting stronger, says Arun Smith. Yesterday, the movement held simultaneous marches before four key Ottawa landmarks: …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Protest Day 30 Video

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Protest Day 29 Video

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa’s Little Remembrance Day Dilemma

The Occupy Ottawa Movement faces a little moral dilemma on Remembrance Day tomorrow: to protest or not to protest? Remembrance Day is a solemn day for Commonwealth countries. A day to remember members of the …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Pays Tribute to Late Vancouver Occupier Ashlie Gough

(Originally Published on Occupy Ottawa website) The Occupy Ottawa Movement observed a moment of silence before its General Assembly last night to commemorate the death of Vancouver Occupier, Ashlie Gough. The 23-year-old Victoria native died …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa: We’re a Family

Who’re these activists driving the global Occupy movement? Without a single coherent message, what exactly do they want? And their agenda? These are just few of the oft-repeated questions about the hundreds of thousands of world citizens currently occupying …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Carleton University Grad Students To Donate $300 to Occupy Ottawa

The Graduate Students’ Association at Carleton University will donate $300 to Occupy Ottawa to create a new a “Learning Commons” tent in the park. A representative of the association announced the donation during the movement’s General Assembly on Sunday. Pages: 1 2

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa to protest Canadian International Council foreign policy event on Canada-US integration

From Occupy Ottawa, unedited: Friends, We’re pleased to inform you that Occupy Ottawa will hold a protest march and rally outside the Sheraton Hotel (O’connor and Albert) on Wednesday October 19th. We will be protesting a foreign policy event on “Canada-US political and economic integration” taking place at the hotel. The event is hosted by ...