Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper Sells Us Out To China. Again.

Well now it's official. Now you can call him comrade Harper. Or Great Yum Yum or Dumb Dumb Leader.Or just Mr Sellout.Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government quietly signed a customs-sharing agreement with China without announcing it to the public, Global News has learned. And the move has experts worried about the consequences to Canada’s security.Read ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Chinese Betrayal

He waited until late Friday afternoon to announce that the Cons had ratified their controversial trade deal with China. Hoping that most people wouldn't notice. Ottawa confirms it has ratified a foreign investment treaty with China, more than two years after the controversial agreement was signed, as CBC News first reported Friday. The controversial Canada-China Foreign Investment ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Betrayal

It's like a nightmare version of Richard III. Or the last act of the Con regime.Stephen Harper limping across the stage of his corrupt and decaying government screaming like a madman:My Kingdom for a pipeline !!!!!Or my Kingdom for a foreign worker !!@#!!Because if you thought the Royal Bank was the only bank to replace Canadians ...

Montreal Simon: The Royal Bank and the Foreign Cons

By now you've probably heard about this outrageous story. Dozens of employees at Canada’s largest bank are losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers, who are in Canada to take over the work of their department.But while the Royal Bank richly deserves what's coming to it, so do the Harper Cons. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Plan for Total Chinese Domination

All hail Great Monkey Leader and his five fourteen year plan to make China richer !!!Where if you're Canadian we don't want you.The B.C. Federation of Labour says documents show it will be 14 years before Canadians replace all the temporary foreign workers from China hired to work at an underground coal mine in northern ...

Montreal Simon: The Monkey King and the Koch Brothers

Sometimes in the court of the Monkey King it's hard to keep your eyes on the prize.To lower your sight enough to understand his real role in Canadian history.For while we all know he's now China's latest plaything. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Betrayal

Well I suppose we should have known eh?This is after all Con Canada, home of the Porky Action Plan.But it turns out that if we want to know what's in the Nexen deal for Canadians, we have to ask the Chinese. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Big Sellout

Historians will probably debate whether it was the strange smile, or the way he opened his mouth and showed his teeth, that gave the game away.Or whether it was the spiffy straw hat.But nobody will be able to deny that Great Helmsman Leader tried to do the impossible today.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Mob and the Big Sellout

I'd much rather write about politics than crime. But with Stephen Harper and his gang in power I have no choice but to write about both. At the same time.So welcome to a new season of Con Stories. And tonight's scary episode: The Case of the Radioactive Man.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Slow Degradation of Stephen Harper

I think this cartoon by the Star's Theo Moudakis neatly sums up what Stephen Harper's Con regime is doing to our image abroad. Making us look small, cheap, shabby.  And like Britain's royal loyal corgis.     For the Cons can try to downplay the embassy move, call it no big deal, just a way to ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Betrayal

Well I suppose it was inevitable eh? First Stephen Harper started clinging to the Queen like a fridge magnet. And going gaga over everything Royal.  Then he spent gazillions to celebrate a war 200 years ago that helped keep Canada British. And now we're a colony again.Read more »