Montreal Simon: Kellie Leitch and the Con Cinderella

I’m sure Kellie Leitch was desperately delighted when her campaign manager, the Prince of Darkness Nick Kouvalis, suggested a way to boost her profile.

And make her the Cinderella of the Con leadership campaign.

By slipping on the slipper of bigotry again, and proposing to screen immigrants for “anti-Canadian values.”

But although it has raised Leitch’s profile, it hasn’t quite made her the Cinderella she was hoping to become.
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Montreal Simon: Kellie Leitch and the Anti-Canadian Cons

In my last post I looked at how Kellie Leitch was discovered discreetly cooking up a new/nouveau batch of her foul cultural barbarism brew.

By stirring up the idea that immigrants and refugees should be screened for “anti-Canadian values.” 

Even though Leitch wouldn’t know a Canadian value if it flew up like a bat and bit her on the nose.

But if you thought she was sorry for having been caught in the act of trying to bubble up bigotry again, and might blubber like she did a few months ago.

You’d be wrong.
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Montreal Simon: Kellie Leitch and the Return of the Barbarian Nightmare

One might be excused for believing that Kellie Leitch would have learned her lesson. 

She herself wanted us to believe that she was sorry for her foul cultural barbarism campaign, and her infamous snitch line.

Or so she blubbered. 

“I’ve had a lot of time to think about this since the campaign took place and if I could go back in time, which I can’t, I would change things,” Leitch said. “I would not have made that announcement that day.

But sadly it seems that old habits die hard.
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