Alberta Politics: This just in from Elections Alberta: New Democrats out-raise Wildrose Party and PCs combined in 3rd Quarter

ILLUSTRATIONS: The Alberta fund-raising horse race. From left to right, Wildrose leader Brian Jean, NDP Leader and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and PC interim Leader Ric McIver. Below: The real Ms. Notley, Mr. Jean, Mr. McIver and PC leadership contender Jason Kenney. Never mind the gloomy mainstream narrative – Alberta’s New Democratic Party raised more ... find out more, total time 57:22, duration 01:9:54

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Alberta Diary: With the NHL back on the ice, why not let Chinese taxpayers subsidize Canada’s billionaires?

The Great Leap Forum: what Edmonton’s luxurious new ice hockey palace could look like with a little gesture of internationist solidarity from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Communist Chinese friends. Conceptual art by Dave Cournoyer used with permission. It’s a moment of such perfect convergence that it’s astonishing Alberta’s Wildrose Party, which last week proposed paying ...

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PERSONAL:DRIVING AROUND WINNIPEG:      It’s a quick trip from the Slav Rebchuk bridge and the missing “People Before Profit” sign to Selkirk Avenue, the main drag of Canada’s second poorest neighbourhood. That’s Winnipeg for you. This burg can’t even be the winner in a competition for bad.      Anyways  it’s an east turn down Selkirk to ...