Finding Clarity: Phobia This! Phobia That!

I am coming to agree with my daughter that I deserve the sobriquet Grumpy. Case in point was seeing the entry below on a Facebook entry: How many homophobes does it take to change a light bulb? A: None – They are afraid of change, even if it will make the world a brighter place. ...

Finding Clarity: The not so new normal

We live an existence of change and uncertainty. We should celebrate.

Finding Clarity: LPC leadership race – I want some fire in the belly

Audio Podcast: some initial thoughts after the second Liberal party leadership debate in Winnipeg.

Finding Clarity: Definition?

I wonder if it is fair to say one is depressed when, in considering the future one’s brightest thoughts are a massive heart attack or a fatal accident?

Finding Clarity: Silence is Not Golden

“You could not write that as a book. Nobody would believe it.” I have said those words myself about circumstances which seem cliched or outlandish but are true. At this time of the year, with friends and their children on the March of the Living, I fully understand the conundrum.

Finding Clarity: The Odd New Meaning of Phobic

<Note: I am starting back up some content for this blog. More current content is coming.> As I take in my steady stream of media, I find bothered by the repetition of some new words that seem to have meanings that make little sense. There are many such words but I am wondering today about ...