Things Are Good: Putting CO2 Emissions on a Map

In the fight to curb CO2 emissions and hold back the rate of increasing climate change, researches have mapped out where the emissions are coming from. Unsurprisingly, they have found that where there is a lot of human activity there are more emissions. This will help convince naysayers and ignoramuses that humans are at fault […]

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350 or bust: For My Grandchildren

From the March 2012 TED Conference in Long Beach California, NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen speaks about why he must speak out climate change. A powerful and moving video – please watch, and share with your family and friends, and on social media. * Do you want to become

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LeDaro: I am an astronaut

Does that surprise anybody? I have been an astronaut all my life enjoying the ride on a special spaceship which travels in space constantly. The name of that spaceship is earth. Hence all creatures on this spaceship are astronauts. This spaceship has survived for billions of years and is still

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