Ian Mulgew: Court chooses Internet privacy in limiting police access to text messages

When you send a text message, do you assume it stays just between you and your friend? What about the police? Article by Ian Mulgew for the Vancouver Sun The B.C. Court of Appeal has struck a blow for Internet privacy at the expense of letting walk a Nanaimo man accused of drug trafficking because of ... We’re challenging a crucial CRTC decision on behalf of Canadians

Last night, OpenMedia filed detailed and significant comments in support of a crucial challenge that will determine whether Canadians get access to new, independent wireless providers like Ting. If the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) listens to Canadians, bad parts of a recent ruling will be overturned and a new level playing field will ... Arstechnica: Videotron provoking net neutrality fight with unlimited music

Instead of giving Big Telecom giants the power to choose which online apps and services are more expensive, why don’t they treat all services equally? Let’s put Canadians in the driver’s seat – not these out of touch telecom giants. Article by Peter Nowak for Arstechnica Quebec wireless provider Videotron looks to be stepping into ... Rogers is officially approved to take control of Mobilicity

This will mean fewer choices for Canadian cell phone subscribers when wireless prices are already increasing at 3 times the rate of inflation.  Speak out now at Article by Ian Hardy for Mobile Syrup Rogers announced today it has received all governmental, creditor and court approvals to officially acquire Mobilicity’s spectrum and subscriber base, as ... The Globe and Mail: Wind Mobile brings cell service to Toronto subways

Great news for subway commuters users in Toronto, and yet another reason to escape the high prices and rampant abuse of the Big Three as new options become viable for CanadiansWe hope that other providers will follow Wind’s lead, and that the CRTC and Industry Canada will take bold steps to improve mobile choice and ... Cellphone Freedom Day! On June 3 you’ll be able to end your 3-year-contract for free

Starting June 3, three year contracts which have run or 24 months or more can be cancelled without any penalties. Together, we helped make this code of conduct happen by developing our crowdsourced action plan for the future of our wireless market. read more Rogers may be pulling out of the CWTA

It looks like Big Telecom’s lobby group is in deep trouble. Last week Telus pulled out of the CWTA – now Rogers could be poised to do the same. Will you be shedding tears over its demise? Article by Gary Ng for iPhone in Canada Last week in a surprise move Telus pulled out ... We need a more competitive cell phone market.

With three big telecom companies controlling 92% of the Canadian mobile market, Canadians have been dissatisfied long enough for a separate group, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, to have been created a few years ago. This lack of choice is unacceptable and harmful for users. Demand more choice, better prices, and more opportunities ...

The Disaffected Lib: Is Your Cell Phone Giving Away All Your Secrets?

Privacy?  That’s a thing of the past.   The Surveillance State is the new reality and, barring massive government intervention, it’s here to stay. How are you liking that fancy Android cell phone?   Don’t bother answering that, we already know. Taxpayer-funded programs have created malware for Android smartphones that can remotely take over your phone’s camera ...

LeDaro: Risks of Cell Phone and texting

It can put you in a deep dark hole. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Those who do that while driving makes it even more dangerous.