You were the top story

Decision-makers are feeling the heat from our campaign for cell phone choice. Our crowdsourced report, based on your citizen stories, went viral, making it the top story in almost every major media outlet in the country.1 The Industry Minister was forced to publicly state that customers need more choice2 and

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“We absolutely could do it for less – we choose not to.” That’s what Wade Oosterman, president of Bell Mobility, told regulators.1 We’re winning and they know it. That’s why big telecom giants Rogers and Shaw created a pact to take over scarce wireless spectrum resources.2 They’re trying to take

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HorrorStory_100x100-1_121016.jpg Public interest group faced off against Big Three at week-long CRTC hearing WHO: Lindsey Pinto, Communications Manager, WHAT: Canadians are hopeful that a CRTC hearing this week will lead to the development of a Code of Conduct that ensures better deals for cell phones. Public interest and consumer

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