Scripturient: Ollie and pet rescue

We are suckers for the face of a cat at the window, a hungry cat, a cold cat, a lost cat, a cat someone has abandoned to fend for themselves and is doing a poor job of it. The pleading eyes, the rough coat, the quiet shiver in the rain or the cold. How can ...

cartoon life: Adrift

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Things Are Good: Cats Actually Like Humans

It might seem that your cat dosen’t care about you, but that’s not the case. After years of false allegations that cats don’t care about humans we know have empirical evidence that the opposite is true. Cats actually like humans! Researchers at Oregon State University offered 38 cats a choice between food, a toy, an ...

Dead Wild Roses: Old School Night Vision – I hope they don’t get cataracts…

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Dead Wild Roses: Types of Cats

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Dead Wild Roses: On Cats and Christmas.

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Scripturient: Goodbye, Cleo

Cleo was an accidental member of the family. Twelve to fifteen years ago – long enough that the exact date is hazy in my mind – she came to us. Well, she was delivered, actually. And yesterday she left us. One late winter day, back then, I was at home, getting ready to go to ...

cartoon life: Nine Cats is a winner at Crated

Paper by 53 and CanvasPop teamed up for a contest. Here is a winning submission featured on the front page of Crated. Yes, that is my Nine Cats in a grid drawn in Paper. Filed under: art Tagged: cats, contest winner

cartoon life: Nine cats

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Dead Wild Roses: So Now I Know what that Face Means.

Exhibit 1 – Cat Form Did you just eat my parrot?     Exhibit 2 – Human Form   Have you been fooling with the tesseract?     Conclusion:  This is the grin of someone who knows *exactly* what naughtiness they’ve done 🙂 Filed under: Humour Tagged: Cats, Humour, Loki

centre of the universe: It was like this when I got here

This is Smog. Before I tell you too much about Smog, I should tell you that I have never been able to successfully pick out a proper cat. I’m okay with the factory rejects, though. THEY NEED LOVE TOO.  We rented Smog from the Cat Shop several weeks earlier than we ought to have been ...

centre of the universe: Swine Cat

This is Poe the Cat. He is a dick. His nickname is Mungbrain the Cat. He believes he was in a movie once (he was not) and that he played the captain of the guards (he did not; it was Jason Bateman) and that it was a, and I’m quoting the cat here, “seminal role” ...

Dead Wild Roses: Our Holiday Tree… and our Cats.

This is why we can’t have nice things in our house… Filed under: Housekeeping, Humour Tagged: Cats, Humour, No Tree for Us

cartoon life: Seven little cats in the grass

It’s been a week of tired. Sometimes I despair that so much is on the edge. I have no work held back, no posts queued up, no drawings hovering. Then you just make a mark, and something happens, and you just follow it. So this is fresh – last night – and with no idea ...

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: The Utility Animal

In the July/August edition of Pets Magazine (the Cat Care issue) there are two articles that caused me concern. One is “The Loyalty and Bravery of a Cat” (p.28), the other is “Quick-Thinking Cat Saves the Day.” (p.26). The latter is a pet profile from the Purina Hall of Fame that honours pets for “extraordinary ...

cartoon life: Cat drawings up at Pinterest

Just put up a number of cat drawings at Pinterest. Finally coming down to the last days of this head cold. It’s been a battle between me and the cats for nap space on the couch. In these last few days, I’m happy to secede the battle. Filed under: art, drawing Tagged: Cat, cat drawings, cats, pinterest

ParliamANT Hill: Humpbacks losing ‘threatened’ status amid pipeline concerns

This is Earth Day? Inspired by this headline.

cartoon life: Where can I find your free ebooks and stuff? Hmmm?

I can haz free cat books? I’m switching out stuff from Dropbox to Google Drive. The eight wallpapers I posted earlier have a new home, and all the free ebooks, cats and landscapes are also there. The 100 cats (nearly 150 cats only $0.99!) ebook is still at iTunes, along with the also free ebook, 20 ...

centre of the universe: Cool cat…something about a kitty…

So, a couple of days ago, The Captain and I went in to the city to do some grocery shopping, and on the way home, we stopped at the local humane society. Just, you know, to *browse*. Because browsing at one’s local humane society is completely normal and everybody does it, even if they’re not ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Snacking Cake Revenge

Muffy and Cuddles were pretty sure they had the math right, but they had a lingering worry that the explosion might ignite the Earth’s atmosphere. On the other hand, the cat was certainly never going to bother them again. No … Continue reading →

cartoon life: Get a More 22 cats book for Christmas

Download this book to view on your new Christmas tablet. It’s free. It’s a PDF. It’s digital. It’s tiny. It’s cool. A tiny delightful book of cat art Download from Dropbox: Mrrfy Crzzmzz! Filed under: art, book, drawing, iPad Tagged: Cat, cats, ebook, free download, free stuff

cartoon life: more 22 cats tiny book: the PDF

A tiny delightful book of cat art It’s available at this dropbox link: Filed under: art Tagged: art, cats, delightful book, ebook, free download, illustration, pdf

Bill Longstaff: Save the songbirds—curb your cats

I have always been a dog man myself. Cats … well, they can be cute and cuddly, but whereas dogs seem to belong with us, I have always found cats to be alien if not a little unnerving. Those cold, deadpan eyes seem to send the message that if I was small enough, I would ...

cartoon life: Updated 100 cats ebook is up.

Okay, Cool! The updated 100 cats ebook is live in the iTunes bookstore! Filed under: art Tagged: 100, 100 cats, cats, ebook, update

cartoon life: Updated 100 cats eBook

I’m uploading just now, an updated version of the 100 cats eBook to the iTunes book store, with over 40 new drawings, and an animation file. Keep your furry toes crossed that all goes well. Filed under: art, book, iPad Tagged: 100 cats, cats, ebook