PostArctica: Casseroles Tonight

Every Thursday night at 7, Casseroles in front of the church. Small but fun crowd tonight, hope to see you there soon!!

PostArctica: Thursday Night Casseroles

Weather was better, nice group of people, and the hilarious comedian, Fred Dube! Quebecers protesting austerity continues every Thursday night at 7.

PostArctica: Cold Casseroles

A small group of hearty folks showed up tonight despite the cold and threat of rain.  Every Thursday night at 7 until further notice. Quebecers protesting austerity. General event facebook page. Verdun facebook page.

Accidental Deliberations: On activist parties

I haven’t written much myself on the NDP’s relationship to the growing casserole protest movement (which in recent weeks has expanded well beyond its Quebec origins). But I’ll take some time to highlight a few key points. First of all, the themes behind the protest represent almost a perfect match for the roots the NDP ...

350 or bust: #Casseroles: Viral Video From Montreal

* Montreal Pots And Pans Video of Protest Against Bill 78 Goes Viral