Montreal Simon: The Con Plan to Hurt the Old Goes Down in Flames

I can only imagine the frenzied state the scary Con Lisa Raitt must be in right now. But you can be sure it isn't pretty.And she is no doubt still howling at the moon, like her miserable leader Rona Ambrose. But it won't do those ghastly Cons any good, because their desperate attempts to sabotage ...

Montreal Simon: The Office of Religious Freedom is Finally Buried

Well it took a while, and as you can see the Cons weren't happy about it.But the Trudeau government has finally buried the so-called Office of Religious Freedom.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Justin Trudeau’s Political Honeymoon Finally Over?

Oh well, I suppose it couldn't last forever. Justin Trudeau couldn't continue to reach new heights of popularity. Without having to wear an oxygen mask.So it seems that his long political honeymoon may finally be over.Read more »