Cons push for majority must be stopped: Harper would dismantle Canada as we know it

Catch 22 note: Western Canadian journalist and columnist Murray Dobbin recognized many years ago that Stephen Harper promoted a political ideology that went against the Canadian national interest. Dobbin has tracked Harper’s career from his early days at the right-wing National Citizens Coalition some 30 years ago. In this column, Dobbin, a member of Catch 22’s campaign team, explains how Harper would change the face of Canada if elected with a…

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Catch 22 candidate recommendations to date…

Earlier this week, Catch 22 launched the candidate discussion and recommendation process in 25 online riding groups for ridings that are all held by Conservatives. There were varying levels of participation in the discussions.
The central team recommendations have been accepted by our local groups and we’ve added them to the six recommendations finalized last week. You can see the up to date list below.

These ridings are part of the more than 50 ridings where Catch 22 is…

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The Debate Debate: Will Harper or Ignatieff Now Play the Democracy Card?

Editorial – John Deverell, Catch 22 team


Elizabeth May, whose Green Party attracts nearly one million votes, is not legally entitled to appear in the televised leaders debate.  The federal court couldn’t invent such a law, and Parliament has never offered one.

OTTAWA — A federal appeal court judge has dismissed the Green party’s attempts to quickly hear legal arguments over the party’s participation in the televised…

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Help us Defeat Harper!

Catch 22 Campaign needs your support

Defeating Harper the same as a vote to Save the CBC


Dear Catch 22 Supporters,

For those of you living in Catch 22 ridings, how you vote on May 2nd could very well help decide whether or not the CBC will be ransacked and handed over to Stephen Harper’s adoring friends in…

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Catch 22 news release #2

For immediate release                                   April 3 2011


National citizens group endorses Elizabeth May


Saanich, Gulf Islands – A national citizens group opposing the Harper Conservatives in the May 2 general election has endorsed Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in the B.C. riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Local members of the…

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"Are we that pathetic?" Harper majority would be a disaster

Nick Fillmore, Catch 22 Campaign team

Ralph Surette probably has been the Maritimes most outstanding independent journalist and columnist for more than 30 years. I have known him since we worked together at The 4thEstate newspaper in Nova Scotia during the 1970s. Living in Digby County, N.S., where he also operates a small farm, Surette continues to judge governments based on how well they serve the public interest, while many Canadian columnists have fallen into the trap of…

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