Catch 22 ups its campaign to stop Harper in crucial ridings

The Catch 22 Campaign is stepping up its efforts in 15 electoral ridings where defeats for Conservative candidates will help prevent a Conservative majority government.

“While we will keep working hard in the 57 ridings we have identified, we are putting extra efforts into 15 crucial ridings where strong strategic campaigns could result in some serious losses for the Conservatives,” said Gary Shaul, Catch 22 coordinator.

Catch 22 recommends that Canadians residing…

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ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: French-Canadians Are Voting NDP, and So Should You

The recent surge of support for the NDP is in large part due to French-Canadians in Quebec, Northern-Ontario and New Brunswick. These French-Canadians, most baptised Catholic, have reached the conclusion that only the NDP stands for healthcare over war, people over corporations, the environment over short term greed.

They use to vote Bloc and Green. Now, in 2011, they will be voting NPD.

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The Coalition "Debate": How Stupid Will It Get?

The Coalition “Debate”: How Stupid Will It Get?

By John Deverell

There is little more annoying than listening to the leaders of Canada’s two larger political parties opine on what the May 2 election result will mean for “democracy.”

Stephen Harper argues that, if the voting system confers a Parliamentary majority or large minority on him and the Conservative party, then they will…

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22 Reasons to Stop the Harper Conservatives

1) Although the Harper Conservatives campaigned on Transparency, the Speaker of the House of Commons had to rule three times that “the Harper government” appeared to breach parliamentary privilege. For the first time in Canadian history, the government was found in contempt of Parliament.

2) The Information Commissioner said “the Harper government” was the least transparent when it came to Access to Information requests.…

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Dr. Harper’s New and Improved Medicare

Catch 22 note: Western Canadian journalist and columnist Murray Dobbin recognized many years ago that Stephen Harper promoted a political ideology that went against the Canadian national interest. Dobbin has tracked Harper’s career from his early days at the right-wing National Citizens Coalition some 30 years ago. Dobbin is a member of Catch 22’s campaign team.


by …

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