Conservatives win majority

NDP places second, which is the first time a Canadian government has had an opposition party other than the Liberals or Conservatives. It’s certainly a disappointing result, but hardly unanticipated. The Conservatives had been flirting with a majorit…

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Catch 22’s first look at the election…

This is a high level summary of campaign results in ridings identified by the Catch 22 campaign. Over the coming weekend, we’ll publish an editorial. Then in a few weeks we’ll put out a more detailed look at our campaign – strengths and weaknesses, what worked and what didn’t etc. Once that is done, the campaign will be wrapped up.

Obviously, we did not get the overall results we were looking for. With less than a 2% increase in the popular vote, Harper was successful at boosting his…

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Art Threat: A Conservative government: What now?

Last week I wrote an editorial exploring the role of the arts in creating healthy and prosperous countries. With the government of Canada making major shifts across the board last night, becoming a Conservative majority government (I refuse to call it the “Harper Government”) many artists and arts organizations are writhing at the thought of […]

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