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By Guest Contributor, Kathy Bell My son Kevin is 20 years old. Kevin has Mowat Wilson Syndrome, a condition that involves developmental and medical challenges. He is non-verbal (although he communicates well with his iPad), and he has motor and processing issues. From a physical care perspective, Kevin can do some things on his own, but he ... Adventures in parenting, Part 3: Time flies

Share this: My wife and I sent our boys off to sleepover camp last week, and while we’re excited to have 3-1/2 weeks of kid-free alone time, the house is eerily quiet without them. I woke up the other day thinking about how quickly time passes when you’re busy doing stuff like working, raising kids, ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies follows a group of boys as they go to the worst summer camp ever. There are no tents or cabins for them to sleep in, the food is terrible, and the staff seem to have left … Continue reading →

Northern Reflections: We Were Warned

Now that the Auditor General has confirmed the figures which Kevin Page made public over a year ago, and now that Elections Canada has confirmed that it has received reports of election fraud in 200 of this country’s 308 ridings, it might be worthwhile recalling that the roots of Stephen Harper’s party go back much ...