Things Are Good: Why Some Love Cities And Others Love The Country

The idea that cities are inherently stressful or that the country is inherently calming isn’t so cut and dry. Some people find the excitement of urban living as not only exciting but also as a source of relaxation. Others may find the boringness of the countryside as a required way to maintain mental calmness. There’s ...

cmkl: Serving mobile members

Today’s workshop was serving mobile members. I gave the same workshop last year but I’ve updated the deck with new numbers, a bit about QR codes.

cmkl: Content strategy workshop notes

I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been alas. Today I gave the content strategy workshop, one of two I’m doing at the CALM conference. Here’s the deck.

The Scott Ross: Why The Abortion Debate Is Polarized

The abortion debate will be polarized no matter what, and if the politicians like Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth don’t ensure that, the media will. On March 14 Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth talked with reporters about his private members’ motion asking for a public discussion on when life begins. Though his comparison between unborn persons and ...