Alberta Politics: Two by-elections, three probes, and plenty more: All the Alberta political news that’s fit to print

PHOTO: The decision desk at calls it for Conservative candidates Bob Benzen and Stephanie Kusie in two Calgary by-elections yesterday. Actual Alberta political bloggers may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Mr. Benzen and Ms. Kusie, former Conservative premier Alison Redford, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and Wildrose Opposition Leader

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Accidental Deliberations: On litmus tests

Gregory Beatty raises some noteworthy possibilities as to how Ryan Meili’s entry into the Saskatoon-Meewasin by-election may reverberate in Saskatchewan’s broader political scene. But there are a few more potential effects worth pointing out. For some time, there’s been a generally-unexplained combination of dismissiveness and negativity toward Meili in some

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The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: People’s Alliance Announces Carleton By-election Candidate

A provincial by-election has been called for the riding of Carleton. The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick has justannounced their candidate. The following is a copy of the press release: The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick announces Deputy Leader RandallLeavitt as candidate for the upcoming Carleton By-election. Leavitt’s background is in

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The Liberal Scarf: Joe Horneck would be strong addition to Mississauga City Council

It was a great personal experience to serve as Alvin Tedjo’s campaign manager in Mississauga Ward 2 this fall, one that really made me think about the future of my hometown as it builds an independent identity for itself.

With that in mind, some interesting things have happened since the municipal election. Long-time City Councillor Frank Dale was elected as Peel Regional Chair, and as such, a by-election is happening in his former Ward 4.

While a number of candidates have put their name forward, I believe Joe Horneck is by far the best candidate for the future of Mississauga.

Joe has a strong, progressive and urban vision for Mississauga:

As co-chair of the western summit’s report, Unlocking Our Gridlock Together, A Citizens’ Report on Transit, Horneck has been an effective advocate for action on an issue that needs all the action it can get. He’s quite comfortable being dubbed “the transit candidate.”…

He’s an unabashed supporter of the Hurontario LRT and says an integrated hub at the Cooksville GO Station could be a catalyst that’s required for the economic stimulation of that corner of the ward.
“If we can get a mix of private and public sector investments coming together around the transit hubs, it spills into the neighbourhoods around it,” he says.

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Accidental Deliberations: On taboos

Regular readers will know that I’ve spent plenty of time discussing all kinds of plans for multi-party pre-electoral cooperation – and that I’ve been highly skeptical about whether the ones we’ve seen in Canadian politics can be either justified in principle, or made effective in practice. And I’ll readily acknowledge

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By-elections are being held in four ridings across Alberta on October 27th. This mini-election, of sorts, is needed to elect Premier Jim Prentice and two of his cabinet ministers to the legislative assembly. More importantly, the four races will serve as a weather vane in the rapidly shifting winds of politics in Alberta today. We shouldn’t … Continue reading 7 THINGS TO WATCH IN ALBERTA BY-ELECTIONS

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