350 or bust: Take Time To Renew Your Spirit

The Canadian Progressive: Compassion creates happiness, freedom and better relationships

Kozo Hattori, a writer and counselor, explains how compassion creates happiness, freedom from gender stereotypes, and better relationships with others. The post Compassion creates happiness, freedom and better relationships appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Writings of J. Todd Ring: The Key of Keys

Egoless divine pride: the most glorious concept I have ever heard – from Tibetan Buddhism. The Uttara Tantra elaborates: There once was a prince, who lost his memory and forgot who he was. Lost in forgetfulness and confusion, he wandered aimlessly, and became a homeless beggar. Years later, a minister to the king came across ...

cartoon life: Some more filter madness

Yet more. I had this photo I took of Buddha statues at the stairs at Swayambunath. They lingered in my collection and suffered various manipulations and filters. Sometimes you need someone to spill coffee on them, or drive a truck over them, or go nuts with scissors and leave the scraps for you to work ...

cartoon life: Buddha, Kate, Bertolucci and Seung Sahn

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