The Canadian Progressive: Bryan Adams Boycotts Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law, House Bill 1523

Canadian rocker Brian Adams has cancelled his scheduled performance in Mississippi to protest the state’s anti-LGBT ‘Religious Liberty’ law, House Bill 1523. The post Bryan Adams Boycotts Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law, House Bill 1523 appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: Steve Nickelback and the Rebranding of Stephen Harper

Well as you know the young fanatics in the PMO are desperately trying to improve  Stephen Harper's image. Frantically trying to put a fresh coat of lipstick on it, before the next election campaign.But it's all going horribly wrong. Trying to portray Harper as a Great Strong Leader, who is almost as fresh and just as ...


Of all the Canadian musicians, only non-resident Neil Young has the balls to stand up to the anti-environmentalists. Blue Rodeo showed their true colours – Conservative blue. BOYCOTT CANADIAN MUSIC. Buy American, British or download for free. Don’t let our fleet of asswipe Beibers support the destruction of our environment and the rights of our natives. 

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Con Photo-Op Machine

When I first saw this picture a couple of years ago, I remember being seized with the sudden urge to run to the toilet, and vomit violently. And of course I never forgave Bryan Adams. But now that I’ve heard his version of what happened I’m feeling a little more generous. It turns out he ...