Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: "I Disagree With Violence But….": The Justification and Celebration of the Christchurch Mosque Murders By Paul Fromm and Robert Jones

It didn't take long for the likes of Paulie to try and justify the murder of 50 adults and children worshiping at two Christchurch mosques. In a post on his blog, Fromm posted the entirety of the murderer's "manifesto" along with his own forward justifying the attack while couching that

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: More Reactions From Canadian Racists/Islamophobes to Christchurch Tragedy and The Dangers of Extremist Rhetoric

Yesterday I posted an article detailing a thread on the reactionary Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page which discussed the murder of 49 worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Given what has been published here and by others (Yellow Vests Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network) readers will

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Ezra Levant Not Entirely Certain Soldiers of Odin Are A "Thing"

While we were working on our commentary yesterday on Mack Lamoureux’s CBC story covering the  activities of the Soldiers of Odin in Edmonton, we were also following an interesting exchange between Mr. Lamoureux and Ezra Levant on Twitter. Sadly, as Ezra isn’t a fan of ours….

…. we may have been only able to see one side of the discussion.

Unless we had a second Twitter account. Which, of course, we do.

Now, from this part of the exchange, Ezra seems to be suggesting that the Soldiers of Odin are actually a figment of Mr. Lamoureux’s imagination. However, Ezra does clarify his position that he believes the SOO are exist, but only as a vehicle to entrap poor, dumb, disenfranchised, “old stock” Canadians:

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