Montreal Simon: How You Can Help Put The Squeeze On The Rebel

As you know, Ezra Levant likes to call himself a "Rebel Commander" and portray himself and The Rebel as a champions of free speech.Even though The Rebel is just a tacky hate mongering rag, which should have been closed down long ago by the vice squad.And Levant is only in it for the money. Read more »

The Disaffected Lib: Steve Bannon – Every Demagogue Has One

Think of him as the guy who will toss the red meat to the Gullibillies. Steve Bannon, Trump’s lead strategist designate and former Breitbart chief, has a lot of people very, very nervous. Vice News calls Bannon a right-wing Rottweiler. The Bannon/Breitbart juggernaut has inroads to the radical right across Europe and Israel, pretty much any ...

Bono impersonator bamboozles and The Blaze’s Jason Mattera

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. The disintegration of the wingnutosphere is delicious. I especially love that the ethical House O’Breitbart neither retracts nor apologizes for the embarrassing overstretch and leaves nothing but a 404 error page in the orignal post’s wake.

Hey Tea Party, STOP RAPING PEOPLE! Behave yourselves!

Tea Party leader and former regional director of the Southern California Conservative Party has been arrested for kidnapping and rape. Sorry, I just had to get my morning BREITBART on. X-posted at Let Freedom Rain. UPDATE: Judging from Memeorandum, this news has barely dented the wingnutosphere, not to mention prog blogs. Imagine if this had . . . ...

The Disaffected Lib: Breitbart RIP

Rightwing loudmouth Andrew Breitbart is no more.   The 42-year old died last night apparently of natural causes.  chronicles  Breitbart’s descent into the hardcore radical right.  Or, if you want to know just how vile this creep was, watch this: