Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Paul Fromm on Christchurch Manifesto: "I would agree with 95% of it" (and other racist ramblings)

NOTE: This is from ARC’s newest writer, officially making the ARC Collective actually a collective again. Those following along this week know that Paul Fromm is being investigated for publishing the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto on his CAFE website. ARC has since learned that Fromm also published the manifesto, and the

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Michelle Erstikaitis In The News Again

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Michelle Erstikaitis. Last we heard she was still in detention from a previous run-in with the judicial system and Paul Fromm was diligently visiting her behind bars (really, though he claims her as a White Nationalist P.O.W. Paulie’s relationship with Erstikaitis remains inexplicable to us…. unless…. yuck!).

We’ll, it looks like she is out of prison.

Or, perhaps we should say, WAS out of prison:



Paulie might have a hard time explaining this away.

Michelle Erstikaitis, 36, who was deemed a dangerous offender five years ago, appeared in a College Park courtroom Tuesday looking dishevelled and ranting about wanting “a refugee lawyer” to handle her case.

She is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

“I’m a Canadian citizen and I want to leave this country,” Erstikaitis said in open court.

Okay, so, what did she do exactly?

Toronto Sun sources alleged the woman initially asked for asylum but soon began shouting “ISIS is coming to kill you” and other odd things.
Officers arrived and found a guard suffering from multiple stab wounds.

“It’s alleged the woman tried to force her way into the consulate while armed with a three-inch box cutter,” said Sidhu, who added she rushed through the body scanner at the front entrance prompting a guard to react.

As the guard grabbed the woman, she allegedly slashed his throat with the razor-sharp box-cutter narrowly missing a major artery, sources say.

“He managed to avoid serious injury,” Sidhu said, adding the guard’s arm was also sliced before the woman was subdued.

Yeah, that would do it.

The article goes on to detail Erstikaitis’ long and sordid history of legal problems, arrests, and her dangerous offender designation which Paulie suggested was COMPLETELY unjustifiable.


Paulie might be pleased though (or saddened) to learn that her association with him and White Nationalists was not included in her biography

Last we actually saw Erstikaitis was at the Doug Christie Memorial in Toronto where she was photographed between Malcolm Ross and Marc Lemire….

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