cartoon life: Today’s Water Lilies

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cartoon life: Cat and Moon

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The Scott Ross: Blandness Is Easy To Merge With Liberals, NDP, & Greens

Why should the Liberal Party, the NDP, and the Green Party merge? Because they are already united in blandness. If these parties were not bland, if they were not vague, or if they even had the slightest unique trait among them, merging would not be an option. But alas, proposals of co-operation and potential mergers ...

The Scott Ross: Liberal Red And NDP Orange

The Liberal Party of Canada is often criticized for being stagnant, for not changing, but one just has to look at its logo, its branding, and more specifically, its colour to see that is not true. Colours are important, people naturally associate feelings and ideas to them. Advertisers know this and use colours to associate ...