Politics – Toronto Lawyer | Omar Ha-Redeye: Developments in Applying Assisted Dying

Omar Ha-Redeye commented on Slaw on the new Alberta Court of Appeal decision on assisted dying in Canada (Attorney General) v E.F. The decision raises important constitutional issues in light of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Carter v. Canada. The Federal government is currently drafting Bill C-14, containing amendments to the law in light of the
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knitnut.net: Hello, goodbye

It snowed yesterday: 20 cm. I think we broke the record for the most snow ever on April 6th, which was previously held by 1958.

Here are some of the Spring snowmen which sprung briefly to life yesterday:

Help me! I’m melting!

Zombie Spring Snowman will never die!

By the way, I miss you guys. I never […]

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