Conservative Minister: Cities Don’t Contribute to the Albertan Economy

The Conservative minister for municipal affairs made a very peculiar response to a question by Laurie Blakeman, Liberal MLA for Edmonton-Centre. She was posing a question about how the revenues from taxes disproportionately went to rural Alberta. In Alberta some rural jurisdictions receive almost up to $2,000 for each of their citizens and for cities ... So how did you get them emails, Ms. Redford?

This week Education Minister Jeff Johnson sent an email to about 30,000 teachers. This is frightening for two reasons. (1) It is an abuse of private information of citizens. As Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman points out in a press release today it likely violates FOIP as Alberta’s teachers gave those emails solely for the purpose of registering ... 2013 is the Alberta Liberal’s year to shine

  The Alberta Liberals are under attack. The Liberals are being assailed from every party from every corner of this province. The march to the middle has been of pronounced presence by almost every political faction in Alberta. The NDP have made open moves toward Liberal voters, campaigning hard in long held seats like Edmonton-Gold Bar and ... Todd’s Letter: The NDP Merger

  I’m not interested in merging with the NDP. Todd Van Vliet, party president of the Alberta Liberals, isn’t a fan either. There was one point, almost a year ago, that I was. And I was quite frustrated then. I’m still frustrated, but more on that later. But I’m tired of hitting a brick wall. ...