Dead Wild Roses: Black Holes – The Most Efficient Energy Source

Just a note, I do not advocate tossing cats into black holes.  I can think of several more worthy human candidates before we even *considered* throwing in the kittehs. Filed under: Science Tagged: Black Holes, Minute Physics, Science

Dead Wild Roses: The Information Paradox – Black Holes

Break your brain on the implications of black holes and our reality. Filed under: Science Tagged: Black Holes, Science

Dead Wild Roses: Like the Earth? Thank a Black Hole

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for popular astronomy shows.  How amazingly small and insignificant our place is in the Universe is always humbles me when I am reminded of the fact.  It is a humility I wish the religious minded among us could understand, instead of wasting time and energy faffing away on their ...

Dead Wild Roses: Intriguing Science Video – Enter the Black Hole

I’m writing this a week ago, but I’ll watch this again today as it is just that interesting.   Filed under: Science Tagged: Black Holes, Cosmology, Science, Speed of Light