The Wandering Joe: The Man Who Said Too Little

Ok, I need to make a confession. There was once a time where I would say without too much reservation that, “I would be comfortable voting for John Tory as Mayor of Toronto.” I won’t specify how long ago that time was, but it was well before his campaign officially got under way. Back then ... - Alberta politics blog: craig chandler launches anti-wildrose facebook group.

Fresh from his campaign to get right-winger Bill Harvey elected as leader of the Liberal Party, ultra-conservative activist Craig Chandler and his acolytes from the Progressive Group for Independent Business have now set their sights on Danielle Smith‘s Wildrose Party. Mr. Chandler has pushed his internet campaign machine into high-gear by adding hundreds of his Facebook ... - Alberta politics blog: what’s next for raj sherman and the alberta liberals?

Raj Sherman gives his victory speech with his wife Sharon standing to the right. Leadership co-chair Josipa Petrunic and candidates Laurie Blakeman, Hugh MacDonald, and Bruce Payne stand to the left (Bill Harvey did not join the other candidates on stage). What kind of leader will Raj Sherman be? This is a tough question to ...

CalgaryGrit: The Alberta Test Drive

No surprise, as Raj Sherman wins the Alberta Liberal leadership race on the first ballot: Raj Sherman: 54% (4684 votes)Hugh MacDonald: 26% (2239 votes)Laurie Blakeman: 9% (854 votes)Bill Harvey: 7% (626 votes)Bruce Payne: 2% (197 votes) As I wrote on Friday, this leadership race deserved watching, even outside Alberta, since it was the first in ... - Alberta politics blog: photos: alberta liberals choose raj sherman as their new leader.

Alberta Liberals chose their new leader today in Edmonton. Former Tory MLA Raj Sherman was selected on their first ballot over veteran MLAs Hugh MacDonald and Laurie Blakeman, and Calgarians Bill Harvey and Bruce Payne. Here are some photos of today’s event: About 150 people attended the Alberta Liberal leadership event today at the University ... - Alberta politics blog: the doc is in. former tory mla raj sherman is the new alberta liberal leader.

Results of today’s Alberta Liberal leadership vote: Raj Sherman wins with 54% on te first ballot (more results coming soon). Raj Sherman 54% 4684 votes Hugh MacDonald 26% 2239 votes Laurie Blakeman 9% 854 votes Bill Harvey 7% 626 votes Bruce Payne 2% 197 votes Total: 8640 votes Dr. Raj Sherman was first elected as ...

CalgaryGrit: This Week in Alberta – The Liberals Pick a Leader

It will be a busy fall politically, with provincial elections in Ontario, Saskatchewan, PEI, Newfoundland, and Manitoba. Although we likely won’t see an Alberta vote until 2012, the province will get a new Premier, thanks to Ed Stelmach’s surprise resignation in January. The first round of voting takes place on September 17th, and assuming no ... - Alberta politics blog: raj sherman sweeps alberta liberal leadership poll.

Readers voted in this poll between September 6 and 9. When asked who will win the Alberta Liberal Party leadership vote on September 10, readers of this blog overwhelmingly chose former Tory MLA Raj Sherman. Four-term Edmonton-Gold Bar Liberal MLA Hugh MacDonald placed a distant second and Edmonton-Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman and conservative Calgarian Bill ... - Alberta politics blog: guest post: decision time for the alberta liberals.

Alberta Liberal Party leadership candidates (left to right) Bill Harvey, Bruce Payne, Raj Sherman, Laurie Blakeman, and Hugh MacDonald On Saturday September 10, the Alberta Liberals will select their next leader following current leader David Swann’s resignation from the post, announced this past January. An understanding of the dynamics that lead to the initiation of ...

CalgaryLiberal: Alberta Liberal Leadership Survey: Bill Harvey

Introduce Yourself (Part I) [[Visit blog to check out this spoiler]]   Leadership (Part II) [[Visit blog to check out this spoiler]]   Issues: (Part III) [[Visit blog to check out this spoiler]]  

CalgaryGrit: ALP Leadership Candidate Profiles: Everyone Take a Step to the Right

The Alberta Liberals will be selecting a new leader on September 10th, from among 5 candidates: Laurie Blakeman, Hugh MacDonald, Raj Sherman, Bruce Payne, and Bill Harvey. Today, the final part of a series profiling the candidates. (Previously: Bruce Payne, Raj Sherman, Hugh MacDonald, Laurie Blakeman) BILL HARVEY Background: Harvey was a Campaign Coordinator for ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: The other leadership race: Can the Alberta Liberals survive Raj Sherman as leader?

Your blogger with Dr. Sherman, back in the day. Below: Hugh MacDonald, Laurie Blakeman. Can the Alberta Liberals survive the election of Raj Sherman as their leader? This question has to be asked because the probability now seems quite high that Dr. Sherman will in fact win the Liberal leadership on Sept. 10. Dr. Sherman ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta liberals register more than 27,000 eligible voters. no surprise that their leadeship contest is a largely urban affair.

Map of eligible voters in the September 10 Liberal leadership contest by constituency. The Alberta Liberal Party announced yesterday that over 27,567 Albertans are eligible to vote in their party’s September 10 leadership contest. The eligible group of supporters include 3,690 paid members and 23,877 “registered supporters” who could participate by registering their name and ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta liberals boast boost in supporters.

Toasting the success of their open membership program, the Alberta Liberals have announced that over the course of the past few months, their party has signed up 15,500 “supporters” to participate in their upcoming leadership contest. These supporters do not have to purchase memberships (of which the Liberals claim to have 3,500 paid members) and ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Craig Chandler Goes Liberal!

 There’s this story in the G&M, so you know it isn’t a joke.  Nevertheless, the email from Craig Chandler at the PGIB (Progressive Group for Independent Business) wants you to know: Craig Chandler, the “don’t move to Alta. if you ain’t conservative”, proto-Western separatist guy, wants PGIB members to take a good look at “dark horse” candidate ...

CalgaryGrit: Craig Chandler Supports the Liberals

This week’s sign of the apocalypse – an e-mail sent out today by Craig Chandler to all PGIB members: From: “PGIB Head Office” Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 11:33:02 -0600To: Craig ChandlerReplyTo: “PGIB Head Office” Subject: A Serious Leadership Message For Albertans! – This Email Is URGENT In Nature – NOW PLEASE VOTE IN THE ... - Alberta politics blog: what to make of the wildrose drop, the ndp growth, and the tory restoration?

I am not the first political watcher to weigh in with my views on the Calgary Herald–Edmonton Journal poll conducted by Environics that I mentioned on my blog yesterday morning, but I am going to offer my thoughts nonetheless. The poll of 900 Albertans showed that the Progressive Conservatives have once again risen to a ... - Alberta politics blog: liberal leadership candidates woo edmonton supporters.

  Liberal leadership candidates (L-R) Bruce Payne, Raj Sherman, Laurie Blakeman, and Hugh MacDonald. More than 200 dedicated Liberal Party supporters piled into Edmonton’s Santa Maria Centre yesterday evening to hear candidates for their party’s leadership speak and answer questions. I attended and was surprised to discover a fairly lively evening for a traditional style all-candidates ... - Alberta politics blog: a look at the alberta liberal leadership candidates.

You might be forgiven if you have not paid much attention to the Alberta Liberal Party leadership contest, which is currently underway. The Liberal contest is not as exciting as the Progressive Conservative’s leadership contest, as flashy as the Wildrose (now minus the Alliance), or intriguing as the new Alberta Party, but it is important ... - Alberta politics blog: bill harvey enters liberal leadership contest.

Calgary financial services executive Bill Harvey is the fifth candidates to join the Alberta Liberal leadership contest. Mr. Harvey was the Liberal candidate in Calgary-East in 2004 and 2008, where he earned 28% of the vote each time. He was also an unsuccessful candidate for the Liberal nomination in Calgary-McCall in 1991. While running a “tough ...