National Post: Privacy Commissioner tells police to get behind Internet privacy rights

As law enforcement officials continue to lobby for the return of warrantless Online Spying Bill C-30, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is speaking out in defending Canadians’ right to privacy online. We need to have our right to privacy protected – not compromised. Join us in speaking out against invasive Online Spying Bill C-30 at ... National Post: Canadian government under international pressure to pass Online Spying Bill C-30

International governments are pushing for Canada to enact Online Spying Bill C-30 – an intrusive piece of legislation that would provide authorities with warrantless access to Internet users’ private data. Law-abiding Canadians shouldn’t have to compromise their online security and privacy. Speak out against this invasive and costly Internet surveillance plan at If you’ve ... Bringing the Online Spying Bill into focus

The federal privacy commissioner is speaking out against websites collecting personal information and data, but a larger threat to Canadian Internet privacy still exists in the form of the Online Spying Bill C-30. Learn how this warrantless legislation could invade your Internet use at and read more about this story at read more Minister Toews still pushing online spying bill C-30, ignoring due process and police resourcing

Parliament resumes this month, and as Tim Harper of the Toronto Star asserts, the highly unpopular online spying bill, C-30, is still high on the government’s agenda. As there’s little on the books for the fall session of Parliament, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is taking the opportunity to once again push his controversial legislation. ...

Red Tory v.3.0.3: Vic Toews Should Retire… Now

Harper’s embattled Public Safety Minister claims that he “didn’t exactly say” that people could either side with the Conservatives or with child pornographers regarding his laughably named “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.” Only thing is… that’s exactly what he DID say – on the official record yet! Toews should resign; it’s as simple as ...