mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Lucidiva™ — Side effects

Common side effects include heavy breathing, panting, hyperventilation, lack of peripheral vision, excessive screaming, painful hearing and nasal discharge that may look like rice pudding. Sorry, but it happens. You should probably enjoy flatulence if you want to take this … Continue reading →

LeDaro: Obama’s New Ad : Big Bird

Save Big Bird.

LeDaro: Big Bird on SNL

He is famous now. He does not want to react to Romney’s remarks because he does not want to “ruffle any feathers.”:)

LeDaro: Big Bird Sings for Mitt Romney

Big Bird is a great singer and his singing is brilliant. Enjoy!

CuriosityCat: Who will win the Big Bird framing battle: Obama or Romney?

The Obama camp clearly understimated Mitt Romney going into the first presidential debate. No doubt seeing him as a bit of a bumbler, not too quick on his feet, Obama did not do his homework, and Romney pounded him in the debate. No money from China for you, Big Bird! In fact, the most memorable ...

LeDaro: Mitt Romney: Big Bird is the cause of economic woes

Clash between Big Bird and Romney continues.

LeDaro: Mitt Romney Vs. Big Bird

Mitt Romney said during last night’s debate ( October 3, 2012): “I love Big Bird. I actually like you too,” he said to PBS moderator Jim Lehrer, “but I’m going to stop borrowing money from China to pay for things we don’t need.” Big Bird Tweeted:“Look what Mitt Romney has done to me…” …. ...