Barking Technology: Bell still claims to have a right to charge customers for a non-existent service

Bell is continuing to fight to charge customers for a 911 service that did not exist… Article by William Neilson for Barking Technology The Toronto Sun has a rather shocking story of Bell Canada’s continued fight to assert that they were legally allowed to charge customers a monthly fee for a 911 service that did not exist. Dating back ... WJS: Study Finds ‘Supercookies’ Used Outside U.S.

Bell Canada is one of the few carriers still using the evil ‘supercookies’ to track their customers. Thanks, Bell… Article by Elizabeth Dwoskin for WSJ Most major US wireless carriers are no longer using controversial identifiers that some researchers call “supercookies,” but their use appears to be extensive overseas. read more Not so fast Bell, Canadians are not thieves

New Bell Media chief Mary Ann Tucke started with the wrong foot with Netflix ‘stealing’ comment. Article by Michael Geist Bell Media president Mary Ann Turcke sparked an uproar last week when she told a telecom conference that Canadians who use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access the U.S. version of Netflix are stealing. Turcke is ... Bell shouldn’t punish Canadians with 3-year contracts for watching U.S. Netflix

Funny but true. Why do Big Telecoms insist on finding ways to punish Canadians? Article by David Horrowitz OTTAWA — At the Canadian Telecom Summit on Friday, the CRTC announced new laws that will punish Canadians illegally accessing American Netflix with a restrictive 3-year Bell TV+Internet+Home Phone bundle package. read more Cellphone Freedom Day! On June 3 you’ll be able to end your 3-year-contract for free

Starting June 3, three year contracts which have run or 24 months or more can be cancelled without any penalties. Together, we helped make this code of conduct happen by developing our crowdsourced action plan for the future of our wireless market. read more Ben Klass on wireless carriers’ high prices

As cell phone customers reel from yet another Big Telecom price hike, it seems like our wireless market is moving backwards not forwards. Telecom expert and OpenMedia community member Ben Klass asks what will it take for Canadians to get the greater choice and lower prices we deserve. Article from Ben Klass’ blog read more Should Rogers be allowed to block us from watching Hockey Night online?

Big Telecom is running scared of cord-cutters – and is doing what it takes to block them from watching their favourite shows online. It looks like Rogers is even planning to block Canadians from watching Hockey Night online. They want to trap Canadians in expensive and outdated service plans – and they’re using their power ... Financial Post: Industry Minister Moore blocks Bell and Rogers from obtaining Nextwave’s wireless spectrum

Ottawa has blocked telecom giants Bell and Rogers from gobbling up even more scarce and valuable wireless spectrum. Let’s keep up the pressure on Industry Minister Moore to rein in Big Telecom at Article by Christine Dobby for Financial Post TORONTO – Ottawa has blocked a bid by two of Canada’s largest wireless carriers ... Ben Klass complaint against Bell prompts CRTC to review mobile Internet rules

Several months ago, we let you know that Manitoba resident and OpenMedia community member Ben Klass had filed a complaint with Canada’s telecom policymaker, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Ben’s complaint claimed that telecom giant Bell was unfairly stifling certain types of mobile content over their wireless networks to give their own content ...

Politics, Re-Spun: Mental Health and The Hypocrisy of #BellLetsTalk

Bell didn’t actually start any conversation about mental health, despite their PR. So now that Bell has enjoyed PR-pimping mental health as a self-aggrandizing excuse to give money to Canadian mental health programs, I didn’t actually expect to see #MentalHealth trending in Twitter like #BellLetsTalk did yesterday, and to a lesser extent today. However, there ... National Post: Christine Dobby looks back at Canada’s telecom war of 2013

The National Post’s Christine Dobby looks back at Big Telecom’s efforts last year to limit your telecom choice. We know Big Telecom are gearing up for a huge fight in 2014 as they try to keep your bills sky-high. Article by Christine Dobby for the National Post Last summer a simmering dispute over obscure regulations ...

Cowichan Conversations: We Need More Cell Phone Towers in South Cowichan, Or Do We ?

Richard Hughes-Political Commentator How many times have you tried to retreive a call while at Cobble Hill’s Valley View Shopping Centre and had it drop off? Other times the calls do not connect at all! The annoyance in being able to remind your mate to pickup a carton of milk which you forgot to put ... Bell raises prices, Telus furthers usage limits: Big Telecom is hurting the Internet

This week, Canadians learned that big telecom company Telus will be further limiting how much its customers can use the Internet. Soon after, we learned that big telecom company Bell will be jacking up their prices for Internet. After fighting for Internet openness and affordability for years, the pro-Internet community knows: this is price-gouging, pure ... Bell makes second attempt at Astral Media takeover

Big telecom company Bell is once again trying to take over Astral Media and gain more control over Canada’s media system. This comes only one month after the CRTC listened to Canadians decrying the deal and shot down the merger, saying that this concentration of power in Bell’s hands would not benefit the public. Bell ... The Globe and Mail: Bell submits new takeover bid

Bell is attempting to repackage its $3.38-billion takeover of Astral Media to decision-makers at the CRTC. This Big Telecom power-grab would lead to higher vertical integration, less market choice and increased costs to Canadians. Let’s ensure that our voices are heard once more. Speak out against Bell’s tightening grip over Canadian communications by telling the ... The Globe and Mail: With Astral on the ropes, Bell takes on Canadians

After speaking out against Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media, the CRTC made a decision to listen to Canadians and block the Big Telecom expansion of power. Naturally, Bell hasn’t been so easy to give up on its power-grab – instead now taking on Canadians and the CRTC. We need to stand by the CRTC ... Knocking down the Bell tower: How Canadians helped in stopping Big Telecom’s takeover

As part of a larger campaign to spread awareness about communications issues in Canada, we at have been encouraging students at universities and colleges across Canada to run clubs on their campuses. Previously, our campus club at OpenMedia McGill reported back on their trip to the Bell/Astral hearings in September. Now, they’re sharing ... CRTC’s Bell-Astral Decision Signals Welcome Shift Towards Transparency

Last week, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruled against Bell’s proposed $3.4B takeover of Astral Media. Following a very public hearing last month, the Commission announced that Bell had not proven that this deal would benefit the broadcasting system or be in the public interest. We are awaiting the result of two further ... Bell’s Takeover Goes to Ottawa?

After losing in it’s battle against Canadians before the CRTC, Bell announced it would try to get parliament to overturn the decision! Bell seemingly just can’t respect the will of citizens in a democracy. Despite Bell’s sour grapes, the federal government has stated that it won’t overturn yesterday’s groundbreaking decision by the CRTC to stop ... Techvibes: CRTC blocks Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media

Because of your support of the campaign, Bell’s takeover of Astral Media has been stopped by the CRTC. Had the deal been approved, Bell would have been given an overwhelming market share of Canada’s communications – effectively allowing them to price-gouge Canadians and restrict access to the open Internet. We’re now taking steps to ... We won.

Because of you, we’ve been heard loud and clear – and Bell’s takeover has been stopped. Read more about the CRTC’s decision in our Press Release. National Post: How Bell’s takeover would result in less competition, higher prices

As broadcast regulators review Bell’s takeover of Astral Media, we’re keeping a close eye on Bell’s increasing vertical integration that would put Canadian pricing and choice at risk. Speak out against Bell’s tightening grip over Canadian communications by telling the CRTC to Article by Chris Peirce for Financial Post Innovation in this digital age ... Bell’s Astral Media takeover threatens Quebec culture

As broadcast regulators review Bell’s $3.4B takeover of Astral Media, we’ve been reviewing how this acquisition would increase telecom prices, saturate Canada’s media channels and severely limit consumer choice. Beyond affecting Canadians on a national level, Bell’s takeover could take away from Francophone cultural identity, to which Astral Media has long been a prominent supporter. ... CRTC exec who spent evening in Bell box operated in ‘grey area’

An ethics expert is questioning the motives of Canada’s broadcast regulators, after it was revealed that the CRTC vice-chairman was a guest in Bell’s corporate suite at a hockey game late last year. With the CRTC currently reviewing their decision of Bell’s takeover of Astral Media, let’s remind them that the best interests of Canadians ... RMR: ‘Swab’ Bell’s takeover of Canadian media

Are you an independent entity or have you become a low-level subsidiary of Bell Media? Rick Mercer helps to show how you can swab the takeover to find out if Bell’s expanding reach has taken its effect. Join our campaign and let your voice be heard. Together, let’s tell our broadcast regulators that the ...