Cowichan Conversations: Politicians Please Ponder Pot Policies Promptly!

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes-Political Blogger

For decades our politicians have pouted over the question of legalization often throwing their hands in the air pointing to the US War on Drugs as evidence that they could not possibly legalize cannabis here in Canada.

Well the air has just been let out of that balloon.

Washington State and Colorado residents voted for regulated legalization and will now set out to kick the plans into gear.

This has really ruffled the feathers of our BC politicians and their Federal counterparts. What to do now? OMG the pressure is on!

I’m sure glad I have a driver! I can’t stop giggling and I have the munchies!

What are our politicans thinking?

The latest polling shows 75 percent of Canadians want the funny tobacco legalized.

It is really only a minority bolstered by those who profit in the deadly drug trade that want to see legalization blocked.

It is disappointing to see our Liberal and NDP leaders ducking the issue. They have in unison kicked the ball over to the Ottawa crowd.


Christy! What was in those Timbits?

Both Premier Christie Clark and BC NDP leader Adrian Dix conveniently ignore the fact that Premiers and their Attorney Generals can take steps provincially by instructing our police forces and prosecutors to lay off busting people for simple possession of marijuana.

Canada’s Premier’s should be lobbying Ottawa to listen to the strong majority desire for and end to prohibition.

I still don’t feel any different. It doesn’t seem to work for me. Can I have some timbits?

PM Harper embraces the 1930′s ‘Reefer Madness’ attitude to the devil weed and would just as soon jail pot puffers.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has balked, flip flopped and spoken against liberalizing present laws that turn otherwise law abiding citizen into criminals.

He has sadly demonstrated that he too is out of touch with Canadian attudes towards the failed ‘War on Drug’s.’

Bob Rae, Federal Liberal Interim leader has said that what we have in place is not working and we really have to look at a different approach.

Federal Liberal Leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau appears to be poised to actually step up, but so far he has been bob and weaving. He may surprise in later rounds of the bout.

Thwer has been a clear call from the Young Liberals to end the prohibition that has failed miserably.

Most Canadian Politicans, not all, are out of touch with the mood of the nation.

It is not too late for our politicians to take a deep breath and seize the moment. It will be most revealing to watch the dance that follows.

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