Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: PEGIDA Canada Reaction To Orlando

It goes without saying that the mass murder that took place in Orlando last week horrified all decent people. Whether the murder was motivated by an extremist interpretation of Islam, homophobia, or a combination of all of the above and aided by a gun culture that permeates much of American political discourse, the murder of 49 human beings (with 50 injured) was a terrible tragedy.

Of course, there are those out there who would use the tragedy to further their own agenda.

It’s sort of hard to take Ron Banerjee seriously in light of a long history of homophobic statements and online post (see here, here, and here as only a few examples). It’s even less believable when, only a day before he posted on Twitter attempting to promote himself as a fighter for LGBTQ rights, he emailed the following to Gerry Lincoln (yes, THAT Gerry Lincoln) who forwarded the exchange to us:

Not to be outdone, fellow Trump supporter Paul Fromm also offered his $0.02 which also includes Southern Ontario Skinhead member Dan Hall also contributing his thought…. if it could be characterized as such:


And then, there’s PEGIDA Canada.

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: April 2016: Bits and Bites

Not long ago we reported that Richard Warman had taken an interest in James Sears and “Your Ward News,” noting that when Mr. Warman takes an interest in a hate group and its members, said hate groups members usually come to regret Mr. Warman’s interest in them.

For immediate release                                                      April 22, 2016 

TORONTO – Don’t help spread hate.

That’s the message to Canada Post and the Government of Canada: stop helping to distribute a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, Islamaphobic and anti-Semitic tabloid to the homes of thousands of Toronto residents.

The broad coalition of citizens and anti-racism activists – which doesn’t have a name yet – welcomed the action of Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman, who today formally filed a complaint that Canada Post and the federal government have violated multiple sections of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Warman’s complaint can be viewed here

“Richard Warman is one of the most successful human rights litigants in Canadian history,” said Bernie Farber, Executive Director of the Mosaic Institute. “He has won a dozen human rights cases he brought against various neo-Nazis, white supremacists and hate groups. We are very confident that Richard will be successful when this complaint is heard.”

For months, the coalition of citizens and activists have been trying to lobby Canada Post and Judy Foote, the minister responsible, to stop distributing a tabloid called Your Ward News. Reportedly distributed to nearly 80,000 homes in Toronto, Your Ward News regularly promotes Holocaust denial, anti-gay and anti-women hate, and flagrant racism. Canada Post has refused to act, however, and the Crown corporation has continued to take undisclosed sums to distribute the hateful rag to people who don’t want it.

The postal corporation has threatened to discipline or dismiss Canada Post workers who object to delivering the extremist tabloid. CUPW earlier this month filed a Regular Grievance with their employer over being forced to deliver “an anti-worker, anti-people, racist, sexist and homophobic publication.”

Your Ward News is edited by James Sears, who has in the past pleaded guilty to sexual assault, and lost his licence to practice medicine for sexually assaulting patients. Sears is an unabashed Hitler enthusiast, and has called the gas chambers at Auschwitz a “lie.” Other contributors to Your Ward News include Gary Schipper, a former leader of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front, who served time in jail for refusing to take down the Front’s telephone hate messages.

“It is outrageous that Canada Post and those responsible in government have turned a blind eye to the hatred that is found on every page of Your Ward News,” said Warren Kinsella, a lawyer and resident of the Beach who wrote the book Web of Hate. “We have tried repeatedly to get them to act, but they have refused. We are hopeful that Richard’s formal human rights complaint will help change that.”

The coalition is made up of a diverse group:

• Walied Soliman, a lawyer at Norton Rose Fulbright 
• Jaime Watt, chairman of Navigator Ltd. and a leader in the Toronto LGBT community 
• Lisa Kinsella, Executive Vice President of the Daisy Group 
• Bernie Farber, Executive Director of the Mosaic Institute and former CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress 
• Derek Richmond, Third Vice President, CUPW Scarborough Local 
• Barbara Joy, public and government relations consultant and East Toronto resident 
• John Wright, pollster and public affairs executive 
• Ian Davey, former Chief of Staff to the Federal Leader of the Opposition 
• Jill Fairbrother, principal of Fairbrother and Partners Inc. 
• Kelly Fairchild, a feminist and East Toronto resident who has organized a petition against the hate rag 
• Judy Csillag, Canadian Race Relations Foundation 

For further information, contact: 

Lisa Kinsella 
(416) 642-3100 
So far the story has been picked up by a number of msn publications:
Also owner of “Your Ward News” LeRoy St. Germaine has been making overtures to other hate groups
Oh, we are going to have SO much fun with our next article on the Soldiers of Odin. 
Speaking of hateful people, Ron Banerjee.
Really, we almost don’t have to write any more. But we will.
That Banerjee hates Sikhs as much as he does Muslims isn’t new to our readers. What is new is that he is now sending out press releases justifying physical attacks against Sikhs in Canada.

Banerjee is suggesting the attack on a Sikh man in Quebec was a direct result of Sikh terrorism (though his first point equating requests for reasonable accommodation with terrorism might be a bit of a stretch) and that the men who engaged in the attack should be praised:

Yep, there’s video.

Note how brave these men really are:

Yep, drunkenly berating someone with racial taunting, then ganging up three on one to assault him, sure struck a blow against terrorism.

But then this isn’t the only problematic video for Banerjee.

A little over a month ago, Banerjee decided that he was going to engage in a little bit of street preaching:

This video was taken by a person who posted it on reddit. Evidently one woman, not appreciating being told to cover up and dress modestly by a bunch of misogynistic assholes. took matters into the own hands and flashed them. The first street preacher was apparently so upset by being subjected to secondary sexual characteristics that he left the scene.

Banerjee? Well, we’re sure he was torn. On the one hand he hates women. On the other, he’s a sexually repressed pervert.

So what’s a sexually repressed, misogynistic, pervert to do in this situation?

Creepy perv for the win apparently:

Oh yeah. We probably have mentioned it already, but Banerjee also loves him some Trump.

Finally, in news that will surprise no one, we’ve learned why Hitler-loving Buddhist and Fromm supporter ($$$) has been quite for a while. [NOTE: Thanks for catching the spelling error]

He was committed:



Look, we genuinely feel badly for anyone suffering from bipolar disorder. But we would hope that Mr. Ruhe would perhaps take some time to consider that believing Hitler as a spiritual guru might lead a few to reasonably consider that you’ve taken leave of your senses.

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