Red Tory v.3.0.3: Bad Lip Reading: Stephen Harper

The Dear Leader’s Christmas message (in case you missed it) as mangled by the folks at Operation Maple: Yes, the novelty of these BLR things has long-since worn off since the classic “save a pretzel for the gas jets” Rick Perry iteration, but I feel obligated to post a Canadian version.

LeDaro: Herman Cain: Bad Lip Reading

Red Tory v.3.0.3: Michele Bachmann: Bad Lip-reading

The crazy-eyed congresswoman from Minnesota tries to stay focused while outlining her campaign “strategy”… I’d love to see some Canadian versions of these BLR videos. Come on tech-savvy political junkies – get on the case!

LeDaro: Obama: Bad lip reading and outlandish statements as a result

This video is about Obama. Watch, listen and enjoy.