PostArctica: L’automne – Year 2!

Amazing how long projects can take when you make them as complicated as possible. Anyway, I walked the Verdun waterfront the last couple of days and here we are again picking up where we left off, perhaps a little wiser via research and life in a world where the only constant is change (wink). But ...

PostArctica: Beaver Activity on Verdun Waterfront

Well, there usually is. I have been walking the Verdun waterfront almost every day since October 1st and while I have noticed the odd tree that has been chewed, it is only the last week or ten days where it has been disturbingly noticeable. I say “disturbingly” because it really is a thin strip of ...

PostArctica: The Dance Floor

Took these last week. During the summer in the evening this place is usually packed with dancers but not on November afternoons.

PostArctica: Autumn Pictures

5 from today in the rain.

PostArctica: Saying Goodbye To Summer

There are so many ways we say goodbye to summer A woman’s voice singing by the canal The sharp contrasting light between  buildings downtown The thinning tourist throngs The empty swimming pools Early morning jackets and sweaters in backpacks for the afternoon A cool tinge on your arm hair against your warm skin Things you ...

Dead Wild Roses: Autumn is here

Happy Autumn everyone. Have a giggle. Filed under: Humour Tagged: Autumn

PostArctica: Urban Autumn

PostArctica: Recent

Verdun and water…

PostArctica: Tennis Courts – Season Done Melancholy Autumn

They said it was going to be a drab autumn, on account of the drought, but it was actually quite dramatic. My friend Nancy says  every autumn has its own dominant colour, and I think this year it was orange.  I don’t know if there actually were more orange trees this year or if I ...