Once Again, Austerity For Thee But Not For Me

Here’s another example of financial obscenity. This time, in Europe. Yes, it seems to much for the Eurozone to lead by example.

While Greece erupts in riots over spending cuts mandated by international banks, bureaucrats in Brussels are fretting about the lavish new headquarters they’re building for themselves.

With stunning insensitivity, details about . . . → Read More: Once Again, Austerity For Thee But Not For Me

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Politics, Re-Spun: Greece at a Crossroads

Now that the Greek government has survived a confidence vote in Parliament, the stage is set in Greece for further confrontations ahead of next week’s decision on the new “austerity” plan demanded by the “troika” – the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB), and the European Union (EU). While the origins of […]

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