Cowichan Conversations: B.C. Liberals dropping the ‘Christy Clark’ logo in favour of a ‘team’ approach

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger Check out the latest developments in The BC Liberal camp where they have shoved Premier Christy Clark to the back of the room. It is an attempt to stop the bleeding but it is a little late for band aids now. Michael Smyth’s Column has the details and they ain’t pretty.

Cowichan Conversations: Why Did The BC Liberal’s Dump Auditor-General John Doyle?

Richard Hub Hughes-Political Blogger The BC Liberal’s got it right when they hired John Doyle almost six years ago, but now they are nervous.  I mean, didn’t Doyle read the manual? The BC Liberal’s see it as more of a ceremonial office and you really do not have to poke around so much John. The snooping around ...