Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Soldiers of Odin: 81 Problems and a Snitch Ain’t One of Them

There are times when this writer is not only able to expose bigot to public scrutiny, but also indulge in a bit of historical geekery. Those are good days.

And this is one of those days.

When examining the Soldiers of Odin it is easy to focus exclusively on the rampant racism found amongst a number of individuals who are drawn to the group as well as the Islamophobia which is the Soldiers of Odin calling card. But it can be easy to miss the incredible hypocrisy of an organization ostensibly founded to protect “our” (read: white) women and children from the swarthy hordes at the gate:

Because sexual violence was NEVER a problem in Europe or Oz before Muslims arrived…

Then again, the misogynistic rhetoric of some members and supporters of the Soldiers of Odin sort of calls into question this claim:

Craig claims to be the Sergeant at Arms- Ontario East Division at Soldiers Of Odin Ontario

More on Arran Taylor later.

For an organization set up ostensibly to protect women, the Soldiers of Odin has a real image problem (again, that’s besides the link to overt racists who are members of the SOO in good standing). That image problem begins with the name of the organization itself.

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