BigCityLib Strikes Back: Five Foot’s Hubby Booted Off Blogger?

These Israeli-Palestinian set-tos always Put Arnie over the moon, so I imagine someone reported some kind of hate-speech/policy/terms-of-service violation thingy to Blogger Central and they yanked his site.  But no matter, looks like Ms. Shaidle will have work with a new John Tory administration. PS.  Pic can be made bigger by clicking on it.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Blazing Cat Fur Takes One In The Money Belt

From the website of Richard Warman: Richard Warman is pleased to confirm settlement of his libel action against Arnie Lemaire (aka BlazingCatFur) on terms acceptable to the parties including removal of all material identified in the current statement of claim. No details on cash amounts, but rumor has it Arnie and his wife Kathy Shaidle will be ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Someone’s Gonna Shit

…when they read this.  The shitting will likely begin here, and spread quickly to other parts of the Internet.  Is the on-line world broad enough to contain the veritable storm that is coming?